The Final Word


Years earlier there was this beer – Satzenbrau – it was popular for a while, at least on TV… whether people drank it or not, I know not, lol. What I found remarkable about it was the advert and what I loved about the advert was the words said at the end — Satzenbrau, the Final Word!

Lol. I so loved those words and of course getting a real baritone to say them worked well, hahaha. Anyway, I never forgot those words and today, the very last day of 2014, I have come to give my Final Word *wink*.

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Wisdom nugget – 47

why not

You see things; and you say, “why?”

But I dream things that never were;

and I say, “Why not?”


Moral — I think this means – you can only go as far as you dream and let yourself believe.

*What do you think?*



I used the above photo simply because I found it funny. And the title is because I want us putting our internal think-tanks to work *wink*.

If God says His Presence shall give us rest, I wonder what our own presence should bring into the lives of those around us. Do you ever stop and think, “how much value am I putting into their lives? How much difference am I making?

And I also think that when our presence in someone’s life is not appreciated, then maybe we should take a walk… or are they the ones to take the walk?

I unearthed these pictorial words from Google Images to help us along thought-wise… enjoy

Tinktank1  TinkTank2

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calvin & cate THE PEARL RING

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C & C The Pearl Ring



IT TOOK all of fifteen minutes to convince the stern-faced head teacher that he wasn’t there to harass one of his teachers and cause unrest in his school before he reluctantly showed him to a small-sized unused classroom with polite instructions to ‘wait here for Miss Adewale’.

He was contemplating how affordable it would be to send a child to a private school as high-classed as this one when the door was pushed open and a tall, slim and quite curvy lady walked in. She had on a knee-length black skirt with a nicely tucked-in bright blue, cup-sleeved blouse. She wasn’t exactly what you’d call pretty but Calvin felt sure that her curvy, long length got her looks from the men folks.

She was wearing flats, yet when she stopped right in front of him, he was certain they’d be almost same height. Which would make her really tall as he was a six footer.

He gestured to the dark wooden desk beside him instead of getting up. “Please have a seat, Miss Adewale. You are Bukola Adewale, right?”

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Merry Christmas

Merry Xmas

This Christmas day when we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ

My only wish is that you and yours stay blessed

and enjoy the peace, harmony and happiness of this festive day.

To all alifediary reader and follower, I wish a Merry Christmas and the very best of this season.

I love you all.