Leave it to the Specialists


I am never again pretending I know how to do something when I know nada. It is never happenoing to me again.

I have been AWOL this past one week because after making my post last Friday, 5 Dec. 2014, I decided to shutdown my laptop because it was hanging. Thereafter I put it back on but it just won’t boot. No matter what I did… and I had solved this problem before… only this time it just didn’t work.

And being me, I went after Google, lol. I came up with several ways to backup my documents and then resolve it by restoring to factory setting. I brilliantly told my husband to get me a brand new USB card and then I expertly went to work on Monday. Backing up documents took all night and we went into Tuesday of my masterful repair approach.

Backup done — so said the computer — I began the factory restoration process. That finally done, I slotted back my USB card and lo and behold, it had nothing saved, nothing backedup. Apart from a few programs and softwares, it was as empty as a drum left in the Sahara desert.

Though I’d begun to doubt my expertise, I still went a-googling again. And trust Google, it gave me brilliant solutions — download a document retriever and get it all back through your local drive. Halleluaih!

I immediately put on my guru-hat and went to work. Hours I was on it. PHED struck, laptop battery died on me and I waited patiently. The moment power was restored, I went at it like a mad scientist.

Long story short, magic document retriever only came up with corrupted files. I got NOTHING back!

And like all mad scientists and experts, I went into depression mode. And that is where I’d been since Wednesday until I managed to rouse myself, snap out of the pity-hell-hole and then get back to work.

I still feel sad, I must confess. My over-sabi expertise not only cost me documents I’ve lost but can get somehow. It cost me above all five chapters of Operation stop the Weddding!!! which I’d edited, made inspired changes and proofread. That is my greatest loss. But hub lost way too much… more than I did, he lost softwares and documents, some of which he paid to get in the first place.

My darling peeps, I am back on my feet… though still feeling wobbly, lol… and I have leanrt the biggest lesson of all time — Backup all documents in safe places and above all DON’T PLAY THE SPECIALIST!

Did I hear someone say, ‘poor TM‘? Lol.

Anyways, we are going to keep writing and we are going to keep reading, that is the modus operandi here and nothing can stop it… not even nasty configuration wahalas, hehehe.

So, we are starting off a new series. A short series, maybe 10 – 12 episodes. It is called Calvin and Cate and this first part is entitled THE PEARL RING. I hope you’ll all enjoy it and above all, I hope you will boldly and kindly leave comments. Comments are the backbone of a free writer. It is the only price you get to pay… so pay up, lol.

Calvin and Cate will come every TUESDAY and SATURDAY. Then Keziah’s Diary will come just every THURSDAY. The rest of the week will be articles and inspirationals and also guest writing. And we do have a guest writer, my niece Marie-Antoinette. I’ll finsih her story which will be aired every FRIDAY.

So, relax, read and REMARK.

And don’t forget, leave it to the true Specialists.

Have a great weekend, y’all.

Much love.



21 thoughts on “Leave it to the Specialists

  1. Awwww..so sorry u lost yr files but i can tell u to try the EaseUS data recovery wizard application download it on yr laptop and run the program it ll get u all your files from the beginning of usage of yr laptop just Google search EaseUS data recovery application for system download the one with ..exe. ..bin a ghost reader but yr post brought me out.. nice job you are doing here..

    • aww, thanks temilola, particularly for de-ghosting, lol. May it be permanent in our lives IJN, amin.

      Choi, so you are encouraging me to go ‘mad scientist’ again? Lol. Okay, i’ll try it and see what happens.

      • it works o..I used it just a week ago wen I lost all my data..all u need to do is select d drive where data got lost..it works like magic..trust me

  2. “the king’s palace that gets razed only gives way to a more aesthetically crafted edifice of greater magnificence..” Yoruba proverb.

    we this google generation…celebrating half knowledge and denigrating hard earned skills…we are all guilty… a specialist may not know it all but has the know-how and that makes all the difference

  3. Once my laptop does anything out of the ordinary, straight to an IT personnel! I can’t fit shout, too much to lose. Sorry about the file you and Hubby lost, make una ndo.

  4. I can’t say I knw hw u feel. I won’t mind losing my phone than for me to lose d files on my laptop. Its usually painful. Am so happy u r back on ur feet. It is well

  5. Ehyah! I feel for you dear. But I guess u don’t need our pities anymore seeing that you wrote this article from a less depressed mind. I learnt something too.

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