I used the above photo simply because I found it funny. And the title is because I want us putting our internal think-tanks to work *wink*.

If God says His Presence shall give us rest, I wonder what our own presence should bring into the lives of those around us. Do you ever stop and think, “how much value am I putting into their lives? How much difference am I making?

And I also think that when our presence in someone’s life is not appreciated, then maybe we should take a walk… or are they the ones to take the walk?

I unearthed these pictorial words from Google Images to help us along thought-wise… enjoy

Tinktank1  TinkTank2

TinkTank3   TinkTank5 *this one was just too funny to pass out on, LOL*

TinkTank4 *Hopefully that would be positive volumes*

TinkTank6 *This one is to remind myself never to worry again about the backstabbers*

TinkTanklast *This I hope is true of me in someone’s life*

Just a simple way to invite you to consider how to step into the much-expected 2015. As we continue to celebrate the yuletide, let us keep in mind that a new year is more than just knockouts and bangers, lol. Plan to make a difference in someone’s life this 2015 and also shrug off those not appreciating your presence as they should.

Have a great Sunday and above all a blessed week which closes off 2014 and unveils 2015.


11 thoughts on “Think-Tank

  1. 1. Yes, we should always strive to make a difference in people’s lives and strive to make impact.
    2. We fall into a certain error of thinking from our perspectives. Since you brought God to this, I am looking at this from that perspective. if God had said that since humans did not appreciate His presence in their lives, He would love them from a distance then I don’t think we will have much hope now. I think the God kind of love stays in people’s lives and keep giving in spite of and despite their blatant refusal to acknowledge our presence. it is the hardest thing to do, and that is the test of true love. no true love without taking something from us….not that we force ourselves on them but we stay there, and stay true. we don’t need to prove our value by withdrawing and making them feel our absence, on the contrary, we make our value known by our presence and our impact in their lives. I think that is the God kind of love…

    • Wow! So long a comment, lol.

      But if we are to be like God, then yes I agree with you, we can’t give up on those taking us for granted.
      But God may never walk away, but somehow I think He keeps a certain distance when we begin to ‘misbehave’. He watches from a distance until we begin to realise the errors of our ways.
      That too should be applied to our human relationships — you give ‘space’ to the person, until they realise your true value.

      *My take*

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