The Final Word


Years earlier there was this beer – Satzenbrau – it was popular for a while, at least on TV… whether people drank it or not, I know not, lol. What I found remarkable about it was the advert and what I loved about the advert was the words said at the end — Satzenbrau, the Final Word!

Lol. I so loved those words and of course getting a real baritone to say them worked well, hahaha. Anyway, I never forgot those words and today, the very last day of 2014, I have come to give my Final Word *wink*.

I just want to begin by saying to you, my dearest readers and followers, many many thanks. Many of you came from other sites and stuck with me thereafter. Many have made me feel their impact here at Alifediary by their regular comments and encouragements, (so many just doing so lately *wink*). Many are bloggers who honour me with their presence and sometimes, generously with their Likes. And many simply help shoot up my viewing counts and the numbers just keep increasing, lol.

For eveyone of you, I appreciate you. I am thankful for you and with my golden pen (as a writer *wink*), I say Thank you and from the bottom of my heart I say IloveU.

And I invite you all to walk into 2015 with me.

I also have some new year thoughts… I absolutely hate to call them resolutions.

I like to call it FWD 2015 And this is what I envision as a writer:

1. To write more than I did this year and previous years since 1990. And to write better.

2. To give to you, my readers, the very best of my writings – free and paid – and to give regularly and with as little absenteism as is possible.

3. To keep this blog very active with free-reads weekly. And again avoid absenteism as much as possible.

4. To begin a new section on the blog just for writers and for aspiring writers and I’m going to call it – Writer’s Guide -and will air it every Monday, beginning next week. And it will be a place for us to learn writing techniques and what great writers have to say and what they do.

5. I will also begin a new section… well, it’s already in motion… Guest Writeups, where I would really love other writers to showcase their works here on Alifediary every Friday.

6. I want to give back. And I have started to do so. A lot of writers follow me and read my works. I want to give that back. Follow their blogs, comment on their writeups and be a part of what they too are doing. It will be an exchange and a great one too. A formation of a relationSHIP, lol.

And finally,

7. I want to celebrate you more. Yes, celebrate you, my readers and followers more. We’ve started the birthday celebrations, we will keep at it. But I want to celebrate here whatever else you are celebrating. Just send me a picture and what is about and we will felicitate with you every Wednesday.

These are my visions and thoughts as a writer and blogger for 2015 and I so want you to be a live part of it all.

It has been a really great 2014 but I am now prepared to say goodbye to it and to move into something even greater. And so together with me, let’s say 2014    and let’s shout a bigWlcm 2015.



14 thoughts on “The Final Word

  1. If there’s one thing I’m glad I had this year,it’s coming to know the writer TM…. I’m very grateful for coming to know you TM.. it’s been a wonderful ride with you and I say THANK YOU!!

  2. thank you so much for writing for us to read. i appreciate u so much. Our God will bless ur household,establish u with grace and heavenly wisdom, perfect what concerns u. see u in 2015.

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