calvin & cate CONVINCING CATE

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CALVIN SLOGGED up the stairs. He was bone tired. So tired, he just wanted to fall flat on his face and blank out. He didn’t even think he had the strength to eat. He couldn’t even work up the appetite to do so. He just so needed to rest.

The call back to the Station had been about Kabiru and his gang. It looked like he’d left his hide-out and was back in the game. They weren’t entirely sure yet. The robbery attack hadn’t been his usual neighbourhood, door-to-door heist, but it had had his MO written all over it. Coshing victims over the head and leaving them half-conscious, right after demanding all they had and draining their bank accounts as much as he can via their ATM cards.

What was puzzling though was why he chose a hospital now? Why go somewhere he wouldn’t get much? Maybe it wasn’t him. Maybe it was a different gang with same method of operation.

He inhaled deeply and pushed open the door, plodded inside and dropped into the seat nearest to the door.

“What’s that?” Isaiah asked curiously, pointing to the brown paper bag he still clutched in his hand.

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Happy birthday, Yeyeade

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

This is a quote from Oprah Winfrey and it is our way of telling you to always celebrate your life, Yeyeade.

YeyehBD Happy birthday, dear girl and many more happy returns.


*We are a day late… Yeyeade’s birthday was yesterday, I confused the dates *so sorry* But I hope you had a beautiful celebration and that you’ll accept our felicitations even though belated. It’d also be nice to see you here again *wink*

Business Sense


Carrying on a trade is a serious business. Ask any businessman. But to conduct a successful business, one has to follow certain time-tested principles. These principles can be adopted into our lives as well.

Tackle the hardest job first. Welcome criticism. Be enthusiastic. Be fair. Be confident. Plan, prepare, pray and then work hard.

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calvin & cate CONVINCING CATE

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CATE PULLED OPEN the first compartment of the oven and slid the heart-shaped pan in, shut the door and set the timer.

She dusted her hands against her apron, sniffing the air as she strolled back to her work-table. She loved the smell of baked foods, the sweet aroma of oven-fresh baked foods, the feel of flour and butter, the energy of whisking them all together into a perfect mould and setting them into her top-grade baking machine. She gave a low chuckle at how she usually thought of her deck oven. Gosh, she’d never thought she’d enjoy baking this much until she finally opened her pastry store — Catie’s Sweet Treats — just a little over two months ago.

She hadn’t also thought she’d make headway this fast, had hoped, but hadn’t dared believe in its possibility. But it had happened. She’d found the perfect store, just a walking distance from the Ikeja bus-stop. With her fairy godmother’s gift, she’d done some needed renovations and furnished it to her taste… well, not exactly to her taste at the moment, but good enough so that it didn’t fall below the usual standard. She’d add more as she went on, that was a certainty.

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