KD – A New Year Sign?

Keziah's Diary

Wow! I can’t believe it, it’s a new year. We are in 2015, yay!

Happy New Year, everyone and hope you are feeling as hyper as I am about the New Year? I always enter every New Year in the jolliest spirit. No matter what’s happening in my life, however bad the situation, I always toss them all aside and brim into a brand new year.

So, Luke was in town for the Christmas hols, his off-shore break coincided with the Yuletide. He called me and invited me over to spend Christmas day with him at his apartment. I said a big NO!

Okay, I didn’t say it like that. I mean I didn’t scream—NO!—that would be counter-productive. Our aim—PJ’s and mine—is to keep him off the scent and still in his fool’s paradise while I nose out what the true situation is. So, it wasn’t a big, rude No like I wanted. It was a sweet-voiced, tenderly cooed baby-I’m-so-sorry-I-can’t kinda No. And as is expected, he coaxed and pleaded, but I was sweetly firm. No means No.

With Luke out of my Christmas plans and PJ out of town on a planned trip with her beau. Like you may have observed, PJ doesn’t believe in making it easy for a man to get a lady. She is a firm believer in playing-hard-to-get and a pro in the I’m-not-always-Miss-Available game.

So, most of the time, her beau—Paul—has to make plans that involves both of them way, way ahead of time if he wants PJ being a part of the deal. This Christmas plan was a trip to Obudu Cattle Ranch and a visit to Paul’s family in Calabar. And from the messages I’ve been getting, it looks like they are having a whole lot of fun.

This little tale means your girl, Kez, spent her Christmas day alone. I didn’t go out. I so hate going out alone and being by myself. So, I cooked a variety of dishes and stayed indoors, sprawled out in front of the TV, eating, drinking and generally putting on weight I’ll regret later.

I did go out with Luke on the Saturday after Christmas. He treated me to a lunch date at Charcoal and Spice and thereafter a movie at Genesis and then a stopover at the Suya joint at Dreams. It was a lovely date. I was all smiles and endearments and he started thinking he could sweet-talk me into returning with him to his place. Another sweet No put paid to that little thought.

And since I was unavailable for the remaining part of the year, he did whatever with himself. Probably spent his days with Angela, mtcheew!

Anyway, the main gist here is something that happened yesterday. Since I had emptied all the food I cooked during Christmas and my refrigerator and larder were empty, I decided to go shopping at Park and Shop.

So, there I was standing by the frozen food section and pondering whether I should take some shrimps or just don’t bother when a hand tapped me lightly on the shoulders. I turned slowly and came face to face with this slim, light skinned not-bad looking guy in a rolled-up checkered shirt flying over a pair of black jeans.

My first thought had been, what now? But that quickly changed when he opened his mouth and spoke to me.

“Gosh, I am so sorry to intrude on you like this but I’m finding it a little difficult deciding between shrimps or chicken parts.” He said smiling apologetically.

He had not only this amazingly sexy deep voice but also an impeccable command of the English language and a faint British accent to go with it. I looked him over again. It was probably just a line to get me talking but the deep voice and soft accent were already melting my aloofness.

“Well, it all depends on what you plan on making.” I smiled winsomely.

“Oh, I was thinking of a veggie sauce for rice and spaghetti.” He said returning my smile.

It was a shy smile. Just a little covert and bashful. It was completely endearing. “Hmm, that sounds interestingly yummy.” I beamed. “Tell you what, why don’t you mix it up, shrimps and chicken? I’ve done it a couple of times and it’s always tasted so delicious.”

“I think I love the idea.” He grinned. “Though it’s not something I’ve tried, but it can’t be that hard, can it?”

“Not if you already know how to cook.” I laughed. “Besides, I can help you with some guiding steps.”

His grin blossomed and I started to feel all warm and cuddly inside. “Truth be told I was hoping you’d make that offer. I am Geoffrey by the way, everyone calls me Jeff.” He replied.

“Hi Jeff.” I extended my hand, smiling gaily. “I am Keziah. But you may call me Kez.”

“Kez.” He repeated. “I like the sound of it. And I love your name—Keziah—unusual.”

I waited for the usual Lot’s-daughter comment but it didn’t come, I turned up the voltage of my beaming smile. “Thank you.”

“You are most welcome, Kez.” Jeff twinkled. “Hmm, I think we are holding up the aisle. How about I pick up the chicken and shrimp and then we round off together, would you mind?”

No, I wouldn’t mind, I thought silently imitating his soft accent. “Alright. I would take some shrimps myself.” I said.

Shrimps and chicken picked out and laid in our respective trolley, we finished our shopping together and exchanged numbers when Jeff dropped me off at home.

I know some of you are going to go, Kez, not again? But this is not Kez being all female and silly, so please ease off on the self-righteous judgments, duh! Lol.

But seriously people, what do you think? The last day of the year and a new man pops up in my horizon, is God trying to give me a New Year sign? I mean a man out-of-the-blue with a gorgeous name like Geoffrey… wow!

I don’t know, people, I don’t know what this is. But whatever it is, I plan to enjoy every new experience this year and if part of that is having two men crooning in my ears… what can I say but, sweet serenade! Lol.

Have a Prosperous New Year, peeps. Ta-ta.


*Let’s not forget that Keziah’s Diray comes up every Thursday. Have a great New Year celebration, everyone and drop in your valued comments. Much love*


10 thoughts on “KD – A New Year Sign?

  1. Hian!! Kez. 2 men!!!… what a way to start your 2015 girl!!…..and to think his name is Jeff with a slight British Accent?…. the gods must be crazy lol

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