Happy birthday Marie

*I read a comment from mariemummy saying ‘best birthday gift‘, sounds like it’s her birthday and we must celebrate her over here.

HBD mm   So Mariemummy, these simple words below are from all of us at Alifediary saying a happy birthday to you and many more happy returns…

Put on the biggest happy face, smile everywhere you go.
Eat a giant slice of cake and let the whole world know.
This is your special day,
and you’re special too, because someone thinks the world of you!
Hip, hip, hip, HOURRAY!!!
*Please leave birthday messages for mariemummy and if you’ve not done so before, drop your birhday dates, cheers everyone*

8 thoughts on “Happy birthday Marie

  1. Thank you all for felicitating with Mariemummy, though I don’t think she’s seen this o… abi, she’s running so as not to give us our share of that cake sef, lol.

    God bless, everybody.

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