What’s good with you?


I do believe we are still in celebratory moods… I know I am, lol. Of course I have dunked my sweet-drinks-taking hat or should I say mouth, and over-eating appetite but I’m still in my all happy, smiley and hey-it’s-a-new-year mood.

What about you?

Remember when I said that Wednesdays would be open to celebrate you guys? Whatever you are celebrating, whatever the event or occasion, you just send me a mail about it, add a pics if you like and we’ll celebrate with you over here.

Well, haven’t gotten anything yet, but I know like me, many of you are still rejoicing about the New Year and most probably other new events. So let us share, what is good with you today, this new month, this new year?

Like Amy Leigh Mercree said, “Celebrate who you are in your deepest heart. Love yourself and the world will love you.”

What are you celebrating about you? Share with you and while you are at it, continue to enjoy a happy new year and as we say in Prideland, hakuna matata.



13 thoughts on “What’s good with you?

  1. whats good with me is that im happy things are finally working in my favour. school wise and money wise, hehehe. God pls let it continue to be so. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  2. @Kemi happy birthday in advance
    I am thankful for every new day, which gives us the opportunity to get to where we are meant to be.

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