Dream Big!

dream big

If you have no dreams, you will never achieve them! Dream and dream big. Our world is full of opportunities that are waiting to be tapped.

Let your imagination soar, think in a new way and let your mind come up with ideas — and make sure you write them down!

But don’t just dream, do something about it. Put it into action. Someone has said, “No dream comes true unless you wake up and go to work.

Nobody on earth can stop you from achieving the best, doing the best and being the best except one person in the world — YOURSELF!


*Words of Rajendra Pillai*

**I am on going to be on the road today, off to see my sweet mama and the family. I shall be in Stone-age villa for the rest of the week, lol. I shall of course try to post Keziah’s Diary tomorrow, if network permits, hehehe. And the Final episode of C & C The Pearl Ring is already saved on draft and I shall post it via phone possibly on Friday instead of Saturday. So, have a great day and be sure to Dream BIG *wink**


6 thoughts on “Dream Big!

  1. Dream big then get up and get working to achieve the dreams :).
    Have fun @ Bedrock, no chop house finish sha, leave some for us too 🙂

  2. @ exceptionalstar, Paula, toyenlon, Jvsh and Kemi, thanks for the well wishes. Just got back and gotta tell you I’m still feeling hyper, lol

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