Back again!

Back yay!!! Lol.

Gosh, it’s been a glorious five days in my home town. I had fun with my sweet mum, sisters, nieces and nephews. It was da bomb, hehehe.

Unfortunately, network is still a major issue in little Bedrock *wink*. I swear the likelihood of Flinstone using a mobile device successfully in his Bedrock stone-age home is more than anyone doing so without popping a vein in frustration in my side of that little town… dang!

So, I couldn’t do much. But I struggled to make sure I posted the final episode of calvin & cate The Pearl Ring. For which sixteen darling readers came up and were commentingly grateful for *side eyes*.

Anyhoo, I am back and though we’ve missed a bit from our blog timetable, no matter, we’ll meet up. I’d like to announce first off that the sequel of calvin & cate The Pearl Ring will kick off on Tuesday, 27 January 2015. The new series is entitled calvin & cate Convincing Cate. While the first part was a Mystery story, the sequel will be a Romantic Fiction… I see Romance in almost everything, after all God saw it first by bringing Eve into the Garden of Eden, lol.

For today though, we’ll just have a very short story and hope you enjoy and maybe learn a little something.

My many thanks to all of you who wished me a safe trip home and who worried about me when I was late in coming back, you guys rock. And to all who read and take the time to comment, I want you to know that you make this job an enjoyable one, may God bless you.

So, it’s back to blog schedule and have a great week.

Much love,




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