Can’t Post Today!

no post

I apologise but I can’t post Convincing Cate today. And I am not sure about doing so tomorrow.

I will Post when I am able.

Thank you for your understanding.


calvin & cate CONVINCING CATE





SHE WAS all set to close. The girls hadn’t come in today. She’d told them not to as it was only a Saturday and she planned on closing by two pm. It was one-forty now and she might as well start locking up. She went into the kitchen to make sure everything was as it should be and the back door was locked. Then got out the peanut butter cookies she’d made for the dinner at the mansion and walked out.

She almost screamed and dropped the tray of cookies, but she recognised the man in ash-coloured suit and managed to swallow the yelp. “Christopher, what are you doing here?” She asked, blowing out a sigh of relief.

“Sorry if I frightened you.” Christopher apologised, smiling. “But the store was open and so I came in.”

“No, no, you didn’t frighten me.” Cate denied. Then laughed and conceded. “Maybe a little. I shouldn’t be so easily frightened—customers can come in at anytime. I guess I was already focused on closing and wasn’t thinking of seeing anyone else for the day.”

“Oh, you were already closing up?”

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KD – Life is not always what we expect.

Keziah's Diary

So, it happened that Monsieur Gauthier was out on a two-day trip and yours faithfully and Mira were practically as free as birds.

You know what they say—when the cat’s away, the mice play. And o, did we play! Lol. Of course we weren’t entirely idle and work free. We still had mails to respond to and documents to rearrange and file. But in the whole, we had a lot of free hours at hand and we did whatever and everything with ‘em free hours. We lounged around the office, chitchatting about every subject under the sun and we made sure the television hanging on the wall of our office was switched permanently from its usual CNN or Aljazeera News channels to movie channels. It was a non-stop two days fun for us and we went at it like two prisoners let out briefly from their cells.

So, we were inside our office, eating our lunch, a little before lunch time. The television was turned on to Telemundo but we weren’t exactly watching the Spanish soap showing at that moment. It was our last day of freedom and fun and we’d been chatting off the hook all day.

“I don’t feel like Luke is the right man for you.” Mira was saying now.

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It’s your Day, Jvsh.

“Don’t just count your years. Make your years count.”

These are the words of George Meredith and with them, we all @ Alifediary wish you a most happy birthday and so many happy returns.

Jvsh HBD  We are all wishing you great things in life. And we pray that this day and every other day will bring you extra shares of the things that make you happiest.

Happy birthday, Jvsh (or is it really Josh?).

Too Much!

too much

I feel like this donkey in the attached photo above… bearing burdens that are too heavy for me to carry.

The sad thing here is that I willingly strapped these burdens to my back. But I can’t do this. I thought I could, but I can’t.

Dear people, yesterday — and not for the first time — I had severe eye pains that I had to take drugs and repeat dosage indiscriminately, just so I can get some relief. I didn’t. I went to bed with that pain. I woke late this morning with same pain. And I just knew I had to ease back.

I have an eye condition called open-angle glaucoma. I am permanently on an eye-drop medication. But despite the medication, I suffer constant migraines and severe eye pains, mostly due to exposure to screen lights such as computers, handsets and even television. And in the last two weeks I have been over-exposed to my laptop screen, all in my bid to meet up with the FBFW and UP deadlines. And in that two weeks I have taken more drugs than I’ve had to in three months. I can’t go on like this.

I will end up blind this way. As I am writing this — which I must — my left eye is throbbing with pain.

Dear readers and followers, I need patience. These are the only eyes I’ve got and I can’t trade them for all the American dollars in the world, NO! I am here to let you know, as my friends and e-family, that I will finish FBFW and UP and all other works I have planned, but only one at a time and at a sedate, less painful and more acceptable pace. I crave your indulgence… if I have to. But if I don’t take a couple of days off, my left eye will start secreting pus. It is that bad. This morning I woke up not only with the eye pain but with dried pus blocking my vision.

I will, from now on, write at an acceptable pace and take due breaks as often as I need. This whole thing is made more cumbersome because I still have to maintain the blog. I am even considering taking a break from blogging for a month. But maybe I need not do that. Maybe I just have to completely limit what I put in on the blog and how much writing I do at a time.

It might also be required that I take a break from the blog, at some point. As writing two stories at a time is a somewhat distracting for me — Convincing Cate and For better, For worse. I have to think this and think that. I have to research for this and do research for another. It’s a bit much.

For now, Take me as I am… seriously. Take whatever I can give and let there be no complaints. I need understanding and I need patience.

When each book is completed, reviewed and edited, I will announce it for publication and purchase. I request that no one, please no one, put me under pressure about this. I have too many things going on in other aspects of my life and I can’t carry this heavy burden anymore.

I thank you for your understanding… I hope I have it.

God bless,