Blog Announcement!!!

I’d like to first apologise that Writers’ Guide 101 won’t be coming this Monday. We returned late afternoon on Sunday from a funeral service in the family and I was just too fatigued to do anything demanding. Genre lessons will come next week Monday, hopefully.


I would like to place an announcement as there would be a whole lot of changes to our Blog Schedule from this February to April 2015. These changes are to enable me create the time to really write. I have been unable to finish writing For Better, For Worse and my book, which has been hanging since October, with me maintaining the blog and making sure there are good reads as often as is possible weekly.

But if I am to complete FBFW and also finish writing and editing UP, then we all must make some collective sacrifices. I cannot write full-time on the blog — stories and articles — and also find the time, inspiration and presence of mind to write other things.

So beginning today, 02-02-15, Writers’ Guide 101 will no longer be regular. Will probably come up twice monthly until after April. Inspirationals billed for Wednesdays will also be affected, as this might be completely eliminated or just aired once in a while. Same applies to Keziah’s Diary. I know KD will be highly missed… story-lovers, lol… as such I shall try to bring it possibly every other week. Guest writeup will be completely put on hold till May. This is because I would not have the time to type my niece’s story. But should there be any writer in the house with a story to showcase and share with us here, Friday is open for you. calvin & cate Convincing Cate might also be minimally affected. I say minimally because I shall do my best to keep a date every Tuesday and Saturday. I will really work hard and try to keep the blovel running, but should there be an unforeseen hitch, do please bear with me.

I am not exactly happy at having to mess with my Blog schedule as I just set it up and have been trying to make it work. But I can’t multitask when it comes to serious writing. And FBFW is real serious writing, I need all my attention and as few distraction as is possible. And UP must be a topnotch Contemporary Romance novel as it will be my first published work. So, I cannot mess with them. Since they are both one-third done, I’m hoping that two months with my head on the grill will get them finished. Pray for me.

I will also like to use this medium to announce that FBFW will not return as a free-read anymore. I shall review and edit what I have and complete the story, then sell the Ebook version. I didn’t initially plan this… heck no! I just decided about a week ago. I am hoping to present the Ebook for purchase by first week of March.

I am counting on you, readers and followers, to remain with me and not abandon ship, lol, while I am working hard for y’all, *wink*.

I will need your understanding, support and prayers. Please be here for me. TM needs ya, lol.

So, from today 2 Feb. 2015 — 30 April 2015, let us tighten our belt and manage this literature austerity measure, hehehe.

Thank you all for your continued support and God bless you all.

Love y’all,



28 thoughts on “Blog Announcement!!!

  1. when the ebook comes out, make it available is as many formats as possible so that it can be assessable for as many device as possible… the platform for purchase should also be varied. I am sure your publisher would put you through these hoops..

    I want to make a guess, as you focus on these two book projects, you will get ideas for other stories not related to the two, and you won’t be able to resist sharing it with us on the blog…*wink*

  2. We certainly understand and will definitely wait on you.
    I pray God grants you the willpower, mental stamina and inspiration to write. May He also bless you in your endeavours!

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