January in Review

Hiya everyone. It’s been a busy weekend for me and my family. We had a funeral in the family. Thank God it’s all over and all went relatively well. All glory to Our Gracious and Merciful God.

I do want to wish everyone of you a  Hapi Feb

May this month be a joyous one for us and a great month for change. Amen.

Now, onto the business of the day — JANUARY IN REVIEW


It was a marvelous first month of the year 2015. Thirty-three (33) posts were published. The blog had 3, 795 visitors in January. These visitors peeped into various Blog articles and a total of 13, 056 views was recorded. I got 28 Likes from other bloggers and then 454 comments were made on the blog, both by me and you, readers.

Most viewed article/post was calvin & cate The Pearl Ring. Leading commenter is Exceptionalstar — she is by the way 2014 No.1 commenter — mi corazon *muah*. Most popular category is Blovels. And Nigeria was the leading country of Visitors from the world.

In all it wasn’t a bad month, blogging/readers wise. But since I had more views in December, I feel like we could have done better and as always there is room for improvement.

I am not quite satisfied with readers input. I did get a whole lot of promises from readers to improve after my Tempted to Abandon Ship Post. Although there’s been remarkable improvement as per comments, I do know a whole lot are still ghosting here. Winchy!

I have — in my fun way — taken down a number of the blog’s regular/semi-regular commenters and I’m listing them below…

*Exceptionalstar — No.1 all-around commenter. Never seen a reader show more appreciation for every entry made by me. Star girl, I love you and truly, truly appreciate you.

*JeffreyJamez — First runner-up commenter *wink*. A regular in stories, Writers’ Guide and any of my rants, lol. You know I appreciate your being always here, lil bro.

*Paula — My backbone commenter. She’s got my back in ways no one else can. C’ést tout! Love you plenty, chica.

*Toyenlon — Always there commenter. Became a regular after my Tempted to abandon ship post and has been there gidigba, lol. Thanks Lady T.

*Topazo — My blog No.1 Liker and once regular commenter. Haven’t seen him much these past couple of weeks. Psych ward busier, doc? *wink*. You are highly appreciated, dear colleague.

*Fsf — Regular but as-I-like-it commenter. Lol. Always nice to read your words, Fsf. *Just not sure if you are man or woman*side eyes*

*Jojodia — Elders’ council commenter. Been here real long but too scarce on the comment section these days. I appreciate you girl (it is girl, right? Lol) and need to see ya more.

These next batch are regular commenters, some more than others…

Jvsh; Bola; Kemi; Imotolab2014; Joan; Tholuwani; Doughyeen; Patience Bassey; Firstlady Temidayo; Mariemummy; Mystiq18; Winnie; Yeyeade (the runaway threatener, lol); Tee; Roselyn; Euny; Boluwatife; Taymeah and Sheedart (my No.2 post Liker. Many thanks, girl, for all the Likes.)

We also have Cleo, who just came on board. Hopefully she’ll keep remarking as she relaxes and reads. I won’t forget adefunke62, such an important blog visitor from the good ol’ days, lol. Now, she is the commander-in-chief of the Ghost-readers Nation. I also remember Uche Mbonu (Dude wants to kidnap me because of FBFW, hahaha. Chilax Uche, TM will surely deliver, count on it).

As for Ghost readers, make una fear God o. This is not a graveyard and not the long street to the Unknown beyond, so please stop ghosting here o.

Remember — diaris God o. Ehen!

The name listing is not in any way to make some readers feel left out, just my way of appreciating those who really got my back here. It means so much when someone reads and leave a few words of appreciation, no matter what those words are.

I thank you all for a wonderful January and look forward to an even better February. I love you all, real and ghost readers alike, lol.

But remember, soup wey sweet, na compliment dey finish am. Na so our elders talk. (and if you never hear that proverb, next time you see me, dobale… Lol)

Cheers, peeps.



12 thoughts on “January in Review

  1. Awwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So you noticed. Mwwuuuaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love good stories and you and Sally are now my my official favorite bloggers.
    thanks hun. Been surfing through your blog and i am even confused on which story to read, been reading KDs diary since saturday, love it. I am turn between for better for worse or operation stop the wedding, don’t know which to read first.
    Keep it up.

  2. tank u for mentioning my name. dis month will be better by his grace. its like u dont want to continue for better for worse? pls do. u are really trying, i salute ur effort. which city are u?

  3. No 2 post liker?? Choi. And i really was gunning for no 1 cos most times your post are so awesomely constructed I’m at a loss of words on what to comment…hehe…

    Keep it Up TM. The lord is your muscle. Lemme go buy the kolo i’ll start using to save the money i’ll use to buy the ebook…abi!!™

    In btwn, i really will miss KD…

    • aww Sheedart, you are just the very best. Your comment got me LOl, *muah*. Thanks for the lovely words. And about KD, it won’t be totally off sha, I’ll try

  4. Ma’am, keep up the good work!
    I am so glad I bagged an award here “No 1 blog liker”..see ehn, I like your blog so much.
    The comments will get more regular too…I wouldn’t get lost in the shadows…lol

  5. Wow, so good to have me mentioned , I try as much as possible to comment unless the network is bad. Its the least we can do to encourage you writers for the great job you are doing. Thanks and God bless.

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