calvin & cate CONVINCING CATE





SHE WAS all set to close. The girls hadn’t come in today. She’d told them not to as it was only a Saturday and she planned on closing by two pm. It was one-forty now and she might as well start locking up. She went into the kitchen to make sure everything was as it should be and the back door was locked. Then got out the peanut butter cookies she’d made for the dinner at the mansion and walked out.

She almost screamed and dropped the tray of cookies, but she recognised the man in ash-coloured suit and managed to swallow the yelp. “Christopher, what are you doing here?” She asked, blowing out a sigh of relief.

“Sorry if I frightened you.” Christopher apologised, smiling. “But the store was open and so I came in.”

“No, no, you didn’t frighten me.” Cate denied. Then laughed and conceded. “Maybe a little. I shouldn’t be so easily frightened—customers can come in at anytime. I guess I was already focused on closing and wasn’t thinking of seeing anyone else for the day.”

“Oh, you were already closing up?”

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