My Cinderella Story

My Cinderella Story



Operation scatter the Wedding!


I just had a very terrible night.

It seemed like instead of this mini hellhole, I was sleeping in a jungle filled with wild, voracious mosquitoes. The damned vicious things had devoured me like they’d not seen human blood in all their miserable lives. I can even still feel their sting on my poor skin. Mtcheew! This is really a nightmare.

Oh well, back to the story I know you are all really here for. Oh yes, I know most of you don’t care about. Judging me, right? Well, no matter. Back to the story. Let’s go to the wedding day.

Yeah, you heard me, the wedding day. So I guess you don’t need a native doctor to tell you that my astonished “WHAT!” did me no good whatsoever.

Instead it’d nearly earned me some really bad points as our over-smiling yellow pawpaw Daniella had cried out with joy and excitement, “Oh Mummy that is such good news, I’m so happy for you.” And had dashed off as if fire was on her silly ass, to hug her mum and then my daddy, smiling and saying to him, “Uncle, I’m happy for you too.”

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My Cinderella Story

This is a short story I wrote two years ago. It’s a short story with really short episodes, lol. I just unearthed it to keep you guys entertained while I’m busy typing and editing. Has been scheduled to post Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week till the end. Enjoy *wink*


No moaning about it being short! Lol.

My Cinderella Story



Meeting Daniella.


This is my Cinderella Story.

Ha, that got you thinking about the fairytale, midnight dance and missing shoe Cinderella, right? Darn, people are so predictable, huh? Well, while we all love that and-they-lived-happily-ever-after story, this is not about it at all.

Burst your bubble, did I? Oh no, how wicked of me. LOL. Okay, forget the lol. I did laugh but not that out loud. It’s a little impossible, being all huddled down here, in what is now my prison cell for the next four weeks. God, as I look around this six by eight hellhole, I wonder how the hell did that ever-smiling, annoying Daniella manage it.

Oh damn it, I’m digressing. And possibly making you believe that I’m just here to waste your time. Which is not true at all. I do have a tale for you, though not a fairytale one, but a tale nonetheless.

It’s just not about Cinderella or the likes of her. They are simply unbearable, right? I mean all that righteous, do-good jolly nature, yuck!

Well, this story here is actually about me, and as I’m sure you’ve already figured out by now—I AM NO CINDERELLA.

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Brief announcement


This is just to let you guys know that I won’t be available online (actively) for the next two weeks and maybe +. I have to get behind the scene and do some serious work… at same time celebrate Easter, of course, lol.

As I really would hate to leave you guys lonely, when I can help it, I have scheduled in a post to appear every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until I get back. It’s a short story I wrote in 2013, long before Unbreak My Heart. I had to unearth it from my Google Drive and it’s been scheduled to post for your reading pleasure.

Note, it is a Short story with SHORT episodes. So, no moaning and complaining about the shortness of the episodes. It was designed to be so. It might be interesting… you tell me via your comments, which I will be checking up on.

I sincerely thank you all for your continued support and wish you all a Happy Easter and God’s blessings in all your endeavours.

Hopefully, soon we can turn the pages of our long awaited and already-too-delayed For better, For worse.

Cheers everyone.




Celebrate life, Omolara

“God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.”

Those are the words of Voltaire and with wishes of a good life, everyone of us @ Alifediary celebrate with you on this your very special day.

HBD Omolara

Happy Birthday, Omolara. May your life be filled with the beautiful things life here and above has to offer.

Enjoy a great day and a successful rest of the year.

MARCH to Victory!


Simply to wish you all, readers and followers of Alifediary, a Happy New Month and a victorious March into this third month of the year 2015.

March into your Success.

March into your Victory.

March into your Breakthrough.

March into your Greatness.

March into your Divine Destiny… and

a March into Motherhood.