Brief announcement


This is just to let you guys know that I won’t be available online (actively) for the next two weeks and maybe +. I have to get behind the scene and do some serious work… at same time celebrate Easter, of course, lol.

As I really would hate to leave you guys lonely, when I can help it, I have scheduled in a post to appear every Monday, Wednesday and Friday until I get back. It’s a short story I wrote in 2013, long before Unbreak My Heart. I had to unearth it from my Google Drive and it’s been scheduled to post for your reading pleasure.

Note, it is a Short story with SHORT episodes. So, no moaning and complaining about the shortness of the episodes. It was designed to be so. It might be interesting… you tell me via your comments, which I will be checking up on.

I sincerely thank you all for your continued support and wish you all a Happy Easter and God’s blessings in all your endeavours.

Hopefully, soon we can turn the pages of our long awaited and already-too-delayed For better, For worse.

Cheers everyone.





15 thoughts on “Brief announcement

  1. Thanks TM. You’re so thoughtful and ‘readers-oriented’. Looking forward to Friday. Do have a lovely Easter celebration!

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