Two already, Yay!!!

2 years

So, I’m scrolling through Notifications to read and possibly reply comments *wink* and what do I see? A congratulatory message from WordPress telling me Alifediary is two today.


I can’t believe it. I registered this blog on April 29, 2013… don’t even remember the date without a reminder, lol.

It feels so good and I feel so proud. Though I must confess I started real blogging 31 January, 2014. Still, I am proud of how far I’ve come. Not as far as I’ve hoped and dreamed — particularly with my writing — but surely farther than I would have been otherwise if I hadn’t dreamed.

I just want to use this simple medium to thank all of you, my dear, dear readers and followers — visible and invisible, lol — and to tell you that without you it would have been tedious and maybe a forgotten dream.

I still have so much dream of owning a literary blog that would thrive and be widely known… a girl gotta have her dreams, ya now, lol. And I, above all, still have great dreams for my writing.

Today, though, I am grateful for where I am and for what I’ve done thus far.

So, gather around everyone, let’s cut the alifediary 2 year cake 2 cake

Hip, hip, hip… HURRAY!


My Cinderella Story

My Cinderella Story



It’s time for Payback!


Do you guys realise that I’ve spent twenty-nine days in here? That is a full month and then an extra day. I haven’t seen my father, not since the day he ordered my imprisonment. Neither have I seen my stepmother and of course my brother who is away anyway.

The only human companion I’ve had is Ebele when she comes to deliver my food. And she never stays longer than five minutes… not that I’d allow her to anyway. Silly, blabbing servant!

Back to our story. There isn’t much left to tell you. The events that followed daddy’s unjust submission can be said to the real reason I got locked up in here. Of course if I’d not be a coward and had done what needed to be done…

I’m losing my train of thought. The story.


Did it not surprise you guys how fast everything was happening? Well, it did me. I mean I was only gone three weeks and some and she was already making declarations of being in love.

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Good things happen to Good people

Not always…


Some people say — and believe — that good things happen to good people. Of course there is the alternate saying that bad things happen to good people…

I used to believe that good things happen to good people. But that is not always so.

Something happened to me lately. Something that shocked me. It was a shock, not a surprise, and for a long second I was just bewildered. I knew that I did not deserve it… I had done nothing to deserve it. Have in fact done some things that should have made me undeserving of such a gift from such a source.

I wondered why it happened to me. Why I was thus blessed. Then I realised that good things can happen to undeserving people because of good people we know. We can benefit from the virtue of other’s goodness and earn gifts, blessings, graces that would have otherwise eluded us. That is what happened to me. I got blessed because of the good of another.

And I am thankful. Grateful… Humbled.

Having expressed my sentiments and continued awe, no further need to bore you guys. Lol. Just to announce that I am back. And seriously, there is something about something that makes me wonder if something is wrong with that something.

Hahaha! Bet you can’t figure that out.

The process of typing and editing is still ongoing. Can’t help it. Crap happens… and believe me, it happens a lot with this something. But there will be light at the end of the tunnel, surely!

Meanwhile, things will continue a little longer as they are. Can’t afford to get full-time here yet. But when My Cinderella Story comes to an end — which is soon — we will start off a fresh Blovel… not the final part of the Calvin and Cate series. That’d be much later.

We will begin a new novella. It will be kind of melancholy. But hopefully, it will also be interesting. I will announce it two episodes to the end of My Cinderella Story. And once, I am finally done with typing, editing and it’s all out, things will swing back to normal here.

I do sincerely want to thank everyone here who has kept visiting. I am above all thankful to those who took time to show appreciation via their comments. I read all comments in my land of Far-Far-Away, lol. Couldn’t respond to your comments though, nasty network issues. But I’m back home and I am working.

Hope you are all doing great and hope you all had a great Easter celebration.

Keep celebrating life… and love.



My Cinderella Story

My Cinderella Story


My Birthday Party Nightmare


Yes, it was oh God what have I done! because I blamed myself.

Yes, I only blamed myself. First and foremost, I had started letting my guards down after I met Dafe, and was becoming a little friendlier with Daniella—call it a being-in-love euphoria. I also blamed myself because I had failed to warn Dafe about my treacherous stepsister—about how cunning and evil she was. And finally because I had made the mistake of telling her that I was going to have my twentieth birthday party here in school.

God, I should have told her I was going to travel with friends, or even travel home for my birthday party. Anything but have the usurper here in my own domain trying to destroy my world once again.

And the amazing thing was she succeeded.

That dinner date turned out to be a date made-in-hell. In spite of my obvious displeasure, Dafe still insisted that she go with us. Feeling really bitchy, I also decided to invite Noreen and Evie, after all the more the merrier, right?

Unfortunately Noreen had earlier made other plans of spending the night at her bf’s, but luckily for me Evie agreed to go with us… lot of help she was.

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My Cinderella Story

My Cinderella Story



The Woolen Shawl


Can you imagine I have been here for a week now? And not even my own father has bothered to come and see me. Anyway, why should he bother? When it was him who had ordered that I be locked up in the first place.

Kai! Adaeze you have really suffered o.

And the worst of it all is that they’ve been serving me these really terrible dishes—fried plantain and egg, rice and beef stew, boiled yam and sardine sauce, eba and funny prepared soups with beef and frozen fish. Who will say, in this house, that they don’t know I hate eating eba? Especially with frozen fish soup?

I mean what happened to toasted bread, pancakes, chicken pepper soup, spaghetti, well-prepared chicken fried rice and the likes, heh?


And to top it all, this sorry excuse of a bed, ridden with bed bugs is hell bent on breaking my spinal cord. I am practically dying of boredom. The only entertainment I have is this Palm top I use in writing this story.

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