My Cinderella Story

My Cinderella Story


My Birthday Party Nightmare


Yes, it was oh God what have I done! because I blamed myself.

Yes, I only blamed myself. First and foremost, I had started letting my guards down after I met Dafe, and was becoming a little friendlier with Daniella—call it a being-in-love euphoria. I also blamed myself because I had failed to warn Dafe about my treacherous stepsister—about how cunning and evil she was. And finally because I had made the mistake of telling her that I was going to have my twentieth birthday party here in school.

God, I should have told her I was going to travel with friends, or even travel home for my birthday party. Anything but have the usurper here in my own domain trying to destroy my world once again.

And the amazing thing was she succeeded.

That dinner date turned out to be a date made-in-hell. In spite of my obvious displeasure, Dafe still insisted that she go with us. Feeling really bitchy, I also decided to invite Noreen and Evie, after all the more the merrier, right?

Unfortunately Noreen had earlier made other plans of spending the night at her bf’s, but luckily for me Evie agreed to go with us… lot of help she was.

And when I say luckily for me, I really mean LUCKILY FOR ME because my pre-birthday dinner date with my one true love, gazing lovingly into his eyes and watching him pamper the pants off me turned out to be a complete nightmare. A total fiasco.

It was as if the treacherous little devil had come all the way from Lagos with a bag full of hilarious stories and my beloved bf, Dafe kept laughing like he was being entertained by an ace comedienne. Every stupid word that came out her mouth had him doubling over and the most annoying thing was that I caught Evie too trying to hide a smile or two.

So much for having my back, huh?

Damn it, I don’t want to get out of bed. I just want to lie here and die. God, I just feel like the world is crashing down on me. Daddy why did you have to marry and bring in this evil child from hell to torment me, why?

“Hiya, birthday girl?” Daniella called from the bathroom. “I can hear the bed rustling, so I know you are awake. How was your night?”

The worst birthday ever. How was my night? You ruined my night, you interfering little witch.

“Hey, don’t tell me you are still wool gathering?” Daniella came into the room clad in three-quarters jean shorts and a pink tank top. “Get off your lazy ass and have your bath. I’m making us the most scrumptious breakfast ever.”

And as usual she was smiling from ear to ear. How can anyone smile so much? God, I hate it when you are smiling. I hate you!

“You know you have a rather weird look on your face right now. Like you are contemplating something diabolical. Not thinking of shooting someone, are you?” Daniella laughed.

Just you. It’d be nice to have a gun and just shoot that evil, stupid smile off your stupid face. “I’m not very hungry, so you don’t have to bother with your scrumptious breakfast.”

“Not hungry?” Daniella snorted heading to the kitchen. “Ada, just go into the bathroom, have your bath and dress up, by the time you are ready and you see what I have planned for you, you’d be very hungry.”

I stared at her mouth agape. Can you believe it? She’s completely taken over as usual. And did you guys just hear her when she said, ‘and you see what I have planned for you’? Now I know that many of you think I’m really paranoid and truly the wicked stepsister, but believe me when I tell you that after what she really planned for me, the only hunger I felt within me was the hunger for love and understanding.

Let me not bore you further with how she made my birthday morning a real torture. Let’s move over to my supposed birthday party which had been planned by my supposed loving boyfriend.

The party which was holding at Sizzler’s turned out to be an even worst nightmare. Oh don’t panic and think that God had sent down the rain and thunder to smite me that day.

Huh-huh. There was no rain, in spite of the fact that we were in mid-July. The evening sky was brightly lit with stars from heaven above and the whole atmosphere cool and refreshing. The hall was beautifully decorated and everyone there seemed to be truly beautifully and wonderfully made by God.

But everyone seemed to have forgotten it was my birthday, and that I was the celebrant. They were all carried away chatting, dancing and entertaining Adaeze’s beautiful sister from Unilag. But the worst of them all, was Dafe. He paid more attention to Dani as he called her now. It was Dani this, Dani that. Dani all the way.

And my girlfriends? They were not helping at all. You know how girls love to blow things out of proportion? They made it their business to point out how attentive Dafe was being to Daniella, like I couldn’t see that already. Silly girls.

“Hey, babes, why are you just sitting here looking like this is the worst day of your life?” Dafe asked smiling as he took the empty seat beside me. Finally having my time. “What have you ladies done to my best girl?” He winked at Noreen and Evie.

“Nothing.” Evie responded churlishly. “Come on, Noreen let’s go get more drinks. We’ll be back soon, Ada.”

I watched sullenly as they both sauntered off. Back soon indeed, who cared if you both turned into smoke and banished into the thin air? It would at least save me buzzing annoying noises echoing in my ears.

“Hey baby, what’s up?” Dafe took my hands in his. “You’ve been awfully quiet since this party started, not at all your usual self. Are you not having fun?”

I looked him up and down, lips pursed. So finally Mister best-host-ever has time for his girlfriend. “I see you finally remember who your girlfriend is here.”

“Remember?” Dafe chuckled. “I never forgot. You my darling girl,” he raised my left hand to his lips and kissed it, “are the best thing that ever happened to me.” Turning my hand, he kissed my palm. “And I’ve got eyes for only you.”

“Uh hmm.” I felt like smacking his head. So he thinks a little kiss on my palm can wipe out twenty-four hours of neglect? Stupid boy. “But your eyes have been busy all evening on someone else. I was beginning to think that this party wasn’t for me after all.”

“My eyes on someone else? This party not for you?” Dafe frowned slightly. “Babe, what the heck are you talking about?”

“Do you realize that this is the first time since Daniella arrived yesterday that you are paying attention to me?” I snapped. How dare he ask me what I’m talking about? The cheat. “Since she got here, it’s been Dani this, Dani that.” I stormed not caring that my voice was rising and people were beginning to turn to look at us.

“What! Have you lost your mind?” Dafe said in a low enraged voice. He so hated scenes. He always told me so. But I didn’t care what he liked or hated. He’d betrayed me. “Are you accusing me of something here?”

“No I’m not.” I replied through clenched teeth. “But obviously your conscience is.”

“My conscience?” Dafe shook his head, looking angry yet baffled. “I have no problem with my conscience since I have done nothing wrong. And what is this about Dani?”

Dani.” I mimicked scornfully. “You call her Dani and still ask me what is it about her?” Can you believe the gullible idiot? He doesn’t even know he’s being bewitched. But then men never know when they are.

“Ada, what the heck is the matter with you?” Dafe growled angrily. “And would you keep your voice down, you are making a scene. I can’t believe you are jealous of your own sister.”

“She is not my sister.” I snapped, my voice hitching and rising. “She is my stepsister. And I am not jealous of her.”

Dafe looked at me like he’d never seen me before. Disappointment creased his entire features. “Listen to yourself, she is not your sister.” He shook his head. “That girl can’t stop saying good things about you, about your entire family. She’s so proud of you all and you…” he looked at me with pity in his eyes. “You are here jealous because I just paid a little attention to her. She comes all the way from Lagos to be with you on your birthday and I’m the one who is wrong because I paid attention to your sister… oh, pardon me, your stepsister.”

All the way from Lagos? Like Lagos was thousands of miles away in some other continent? And who has good things to say about me? That cunning little devil? Yeah right.

Dafe shook his head, got up and made as if to walk away but sweet Daniella dashed to his side.

“Hey you two, easy.” Daniella whispered soothingly. “I don’t know what is going on but I know this is not the time and place for whatever it is.”

You see what I mean about this girl being a witch? After ruining my birthday and causing my bf and I to quarrel for the first time ever, she comes here like some fairy godmother wishing to make things better. Unbelievable!

“Dafe, sit back down with your girl.” Daniella smiled nudging him back into the seat he’d just vacated. “A little scuffle and it’s walk away? Come on.” She chided gently, then turned to me. “Sis, today is your day and you shouldn’t be frowning so. Come on, you two, smile and kiss and make up, okay?” Daniella cajoled with a winsome smile.

And like an obedient little dog, Dafe nodded his head, turned to me and pulled me into his arms in a tight hug. “I’m sorry, baby, for fighting with you on your birthday. Forgive me?”

Since everybody seemed to have forgotten all about the music and food and all their attention was now on us, busy bodies, I had to smile too and hug him back. “I’m sorry too, sweetheart. Of course I forgive you.”

“Great.” Daniella beamed. “Now why don’t you two move over to the dance floor and show everyone here what you two can do.”

As Dafe walked me to the dance floor, I kept the smile up and swallowed the bitter taste of bile in my mouth. He’s only going to dance with me, after he has danced with her, and just because she told him to.

Chei! Adaeze you have suffered.

But that was not the end of my sorrowful birthday weekend. The next day, as goody-goody Daniella hadn’t come in her car, Dafe who was traveling to Lagos to see his mother offered her a ride back… without seeking my opinion o.

I don’t know what she said or did to Dafe on that journey back to Lagos, all I know is that Dafe, my beloved boyfriend, my one true love returned to Benin a few days later a changed man. And after about a month, he broke up with me. And his excuse? He wasn’t feeling the same anymore.

Are there still any among you who don’t get what I’ve been saying about that over-smiling yellow pawpaw? Are there some who still don’t get that the wicked stepsisters in the Cinderella story were the victims and not the villains?

Well, I don’t care. As I know that most people prefer to see the world through rose tinted glasses.

All I know is that from that day when Dafe broke up with me, I developed an unflinching hatred for Daniella and awaited eagerly my day of vengeance.


7 thoughts on “My Cinderella Story

  1. You know the irony, as much as Ada hates Dani she has never yelled at her or said anything hateful to her, to her face….. talk about being a coward. Lol

    Thanks TM.

    • It’s amazing how much goes on in our heads, right? We can start wars in our minds and battle to the end without ‘the enemy’ even knowing we are at war…lol

  2. i think ada is carried away by d superbness of dani thereby making her forget to take care of her behavior. she is rude,and that’s y she is losing everyone….ada should calm down and enjoy d company of d awesome dani…

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