Good things happen to Good people

Not always…


Some people say — and believe — that good things happen to good people. Of course there is the alternate saying that bad things happen to good people…

I used to believe that good things happen to good people. But that is not always so.

Something happened to me lately. Something that shocked me. It was a shock, not a surprise, and for a long second I was just bewildered. I knew that I did not deserve it… I had done nothing to deserve it. Have in fact done some things that should have made me undeserving of such a gift from such a source.

I wondered why it happened to me. Why I was thus blessed. Then I realised that good things can happen to undeserving people because of good people we know. We can benefit from the virtue of other’s goodness and earn gifts, blessings, graces that would have otherwise eluded us. That is what happened to me. I got blessed because of the good of another.

And I am thankful. Grateful… Humbled.

Having expressed my sentiments and continued awe, no further need to bore you guys. Lol. Just to announce that I am back. And seriously, there is something about something that makes me wonder if something is wrong with that something.

Hahaha! Bet you can’t figure that out.

The process of typing and editing is still ongoing. Can’t help it. Crap happens… and believe me, it happens a lot with this something. But there will be light at the end of the tunnel, surely!

Meanwhile, things will continue a little longer as they are. Can’t afford to get full-time here yet. But when My Cinderella Story comes to an end — which is soon — we will start off a fresh Blovel… not the final part of the Calvin and Cate series. That’d be much later.

We will begin a new novella. It will be kind of melancholy. But hopefully, it will also be interesting. I will announce it two episodes to the end of My Cinderella Story. And once, I am finally done with typing, editing and it’s all out, things will swing back to normal here.

I do sincerely want to thank everyone here who has kept visiting. I am above all thankful to those who took time to show appreciation via their comments. I read all comments in my land of Far-Far-Away, lol. Couldn’t respond to your comments though, nasty network issues. But I’m back home and I am working.

Hope you are all doing great and hope you all had a great Easter celebration.

Keep celebrating life… and love.




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