My Cinderella Story

My Cinderella Story



It’s time for Payback!


Do you guys realise that I’ve spent twenty-nine days in here? That is a full month and then an extra day. I haven’t seen my father, not since the day he ordered my imprisonment. Neither have I seen my stepmother and of course my brother who is away anyway.

The only human companion I’ve had is Ebele when she comes to deliver my food. And she never stays longer than five minutes… not that I’d allow her to anyway. Silly, blabbing servant!

Back to our story. There isn’t much left to tell you. The events that followed daddy’s unjust submission can be said to the real reason I got locked up in here. Of course if I’d not be a coward and had done what needed to be done…

I’m losing my train of thought. The story.


Did it not surprise you guys how fast everything was happening? Well, it did me. I mean I was only gone three weeks and some and she was already making declarations of being in love.

On my part I knew I wasn’t — in love that is. Too soon. I had only wanted Chikezie because he suited my image of Prince Charming. Well, given the way he so weakly betrayed me, I don’t think he’s much of a Prince Charming. And now that I think back, I don’t think any of the others — Kunle, Dafe and all the men in between — were my Princes Charming. I mean a Prince Charming is meant to love and protect you. Not disregard and betray as these ones have done.

So, I didn’t really care about having Chikezie anymore. I didn’t want him anymore but I also didn’t want Daniella to have him. And it became more and more imperative that I stop her from having her happily-ever-after as the days turned into weeks and the weeks into three months.

“I can’t believe you are still thinking about this Daniella and Chikezie issue.” Evie stared at me in disbelief.

We were at my boutique and I was just asking for ideas on how best to deal with the duo and here she was going all self-righteous on me. Mtcheew!

“Ada, it’s been three months already and in any case Chikezie has officially proposed and they are getting married.”

Gosh, don’t you just hate it when someone reminds you of the obvious?

“I know how long it’s been,Evie, and what is it they are planning to do.” I hissed, leaning back against the leather sofa and crossing my legs. “Are you saying that I should just fold my hands and do nothing?”

“I am saying it’s time you let this go, Ada.” Evie said. “Let this thing go for heaven’s sake. Chikezie has proposed, and they are already planning their wedding. So, just drop the issue, Ada, and forget it.”

“Never!” I swore. “Evie, I say never. That girl has been usurping me all my life. Since the day she and her blasted mother entered my family, she has been a thorn in my flesh. She snatched Kunle from me. She even turned my beloved Dafe against me. You were there.” I looked at her with accusing eyes. “You saw what she did. You saw how she stole Dafe’s affection from me.”

“Ada, Dafe broke up with you. None of us knew why.”

“What? Are you denying what you saw that day at my birthday party?” I could not believe it. My own best friend turning against me?

Evie sighed. “Ada, honestly we were much younger then. Nothing really happened at that party. They were just friendly.” She shrugged. “That’s how I’ve been looking at it these days o.”

“Eh-eh, that’s how you’ve been looking at it these days?” I looked at the backstabbing idiot that called herself my friend. Ada, why are people  forever betraying you? Chai! “So, you are now supporting Daniella against me these days, abi?”

“Why are you talking like this now? This is not a matter of supporting her. Is she my friend?” Evie tried to take my hand. I shook her off. “Ada, you know me and your stepsister hardly even talk. I am only concerned about you. This is getting out of hand. It’s becoming an obsession. And it’s not healthy.”

I sneered. “Hmm, Madam health practitioner, thank you. Now answer me this question, Evelyn, between me and Daniella, who met Chikezie first?”

“Ah, what kind of question is that now?”

“No, just answer me.”

Evie looked at me, then shrugged. “You did. But he never showed any interest in you, did he?”

“How could he? When he lost his phones and my card?” I retorted angrily.

“But even from the beginning, that very first day, he didn’t really show any interest in you, did he?” Evie pointed out.

“That is beside the point.” I hissed. I can see that this Evie girl was no longer on my team. “It appears to me like you don’t have anything meaningful to say, so why don’t you go back to your office and allow me do my business here.” I turned away from her.

Did they not say that a friend in need is a friend indeed? Obviously, my friendship with Evelyn has run its course.

Evie was quiet for almost a minute, then she got up and picked her bag. “Ada, the reality is that Chikezie loves Daniella and wants to marry her. And they will get married… there’s nothing you can do about that. Call me when you are in a better mood. See ya.”

I let out a long hiss as I watched her flounce out of my store. Call her indeed. Backstabbing traitor!

Oh, I will show you, I will show all of you that there is something I can do to stop this wedding. I’d failed to stop the first wedding but this one, it will never happen.

Not when Adaeze Onuorah is my name. Hell no!


11 thoughts on “My Cinderella Story

  1. See as the foolish girl want to disgrace herself, oponu-oshi…

    Hi TM… Hope you’re good?…. Thanks for the update.

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