Two already, Yay!!!

2 years

So, I’m scrolling through Notifications to read and possibly reply comments *wink* and what do I see? A congratulatory message from WordPress telling me Alifediary is two today.


I can’t believe it. I registered this blog on April 29, 2013… don’t even remember the date without a reminder, lol.

It feels so good and I feel so proud. Though I must confess I started real blogging 31 January, 2014. Still, I am proud of how far I’ve come. Not as far as I’ve hoped and dreamed — particularly with my writing — but surely farther than I would have been otherwise if I hadn’t dreamed.

I just want to use this simple medium to thank all of you, my dear, dear readers and followers — visible and invisible, lol — and to tell you that without you it would have been tedious and maybe a forgotten dream.

I still have so much dream of owning a literary blog that would thrive and be widely known… a girl gotta have her dreams, ya now, lol. And I, above all, still have great dreams for my writing.

Today, though, I am grateful for where I am and for what I’ve done thus far.

So, gather around everyone, let’s cut the alifediary 2 year cake 2 cake

Hip, hip, hip… HURRAY!


34 thoughts on “Two already, Yay!!!

  1. Congratulations ma’am. May God continually bless you with more wisdom, knowledge and strength as you keep us educated and entertained.

  2. 2 years don waka,u still dey carry go—————– happy birthday alifediary,Congratulations TM.u’ve been doing

  3. Congratulations may God continue to bless your effort.
    I guess I’m in the invisible followers category but i love your work. Reading your work gives me so many reasons to reflect and amend.
    Hurray Alifedairy

  4. Hurray! to Alifediary! so glad am part of this celebration! pooping champagne and praying for more successful years ahead. Big congras ma’am!

  5. To Alifediary,TM and readers,I say congratulations and apy celebration…kip winning Spicey ma’am…..much love

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