Love, right in front of you

A short story (re-written)

Always here

Karibi had expected this. He’d even wanted it to happen. Still he felt a twinge of pity. She’d been stood up. Again. She sat there, alone in a restaurant, wearing a pretty black dress.

He watched her reflection in a mirror and saw the sigh that gusted out of her mouth and ruffled her natural, black hair as she sat back and closed her eyes.

In one way or another, he’d been rescuing her since they were kids and she’d always resented it. Whether as a pre-pubescent tomboy or the swan she’d evolved into, she’d been diving head-first into catastrophes and he’d been reeling her out. And though until just recently — he hoped — she’d viewed him as nothing more than a bothersome big brother, he’d never considered her a sister.

He couldn’t think of her as a sister, not with the way he felt about her. His problem was that every time he’d tried to tell her how he felt he’d muck it up, the result being that she’d never believed him. But maybe it was time he made his move and rightly this time.

He came up noiselessly behind her, cupped the back of her neck, his thumb caressing her just under her left ear. He felt her pulse leap, saw a smile burst across her face as she turned to look over her shoulder. Kabiri stepped beside her and watched as her smile died.

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Going Off-Grid


off grid

That would be me getting inside that… space-water-craft… *side eyes*, lol.

Dear, dear people, as we come to the end of our short story My Cinderella Story, I’ve decided to take a mid-long break. So, I heard this term ‘off grid’ just a few days ago… yes, I can be that clueless at times, lol… and thought that’s what I’ll be doing, going off-grid.

I feel so tush, en vogue and all-in-the-rage saying that, off-grid *wink*. 

I need the time to put finishing touches to you-know-what. And if you don’t know what… duh! I underestimated a whole lot of things and I got undermined by a whole other events, but it’s come to the point where we trim, primp and sculpt into seemingly perfect form. And that needs a whole lot of concentration and attention.

So, I would be off-grid, partially, from now till 9 June 2015. I say partially because I just find it so, so hard leaving my blog entirely bare and function-less for that long… not if I can help it. And of course, I hate to leave you guys un-entertained *shines teeth*.

Therefore, Keziah’s Dairy will be here every Thursday to entertain you guys and chase the vultures off a seemingly dead carcass, hehehe. I can’t do more than one story-per-week post because I really need this three weeks. I hope to round up by then and then you all can dine and wine on our much, much expected book(s).

So, keep a date every Thursday and keep it activity-full with your comments… don’t be stingy now. Lol.

Hopefully, sometime in July, we will go back to regular blogging… by God’s grace.

See y’all.

Much love,


CoMing SoOn

too little,too late 3

Sometimes fear slays courage. Sometimes doubt drowns instinct. Sometimes when courage and instinct finally trounce, it is too LATE.

Too Little, Too LATE… coming 9 June, 2015.


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Too Little, Too LATE CS



Hiya peeps,

so I thought that maybe it’s time we gave the opportunity to our new readers to be a part of our birthday celebrations here at Alifediary.

I daresay it’s been a success so far since we inaugurated it. Unfortunately I’ve been late twice *covers face* but still, it’s been a fun part of the blog and one I’d sincerely love everyone to be a part of.

So, if you didn’t post your birthday date last time we did this, here is your chance. Share your birth date with us and let us be a part of your celebration.

I have a feeling that soon we might start giving out teeny weeny gift packs too… *wink*

Have a great day everybody.

My Cinderella Story

My Cinderella Story



My Nemesis


I was released from this hellhole yesterday. And today, in a couple of hours, is Daniella and Chikezie’s wedding.

What else is there to tell you? What do you all want to hear? I have shared my story with you all and have been completely honest and open and yet, like always, I have received no sympathy. Not even the barest empathy.

You all think you would have acted differently if you were in my shoes. You think if intruders came into your home and snatched everything from you, without notice, you would have acted better than I did? Done things differently?

Yeah, it’s so easy to disparage and scorn when the toe-killing shoe isn’t on your foot, not so?

Well, I never care much what people think and can’t start now, so I will finish what I started.


I was lying on that hell-begotten bunk bed wondering if after tomorrow daddy would be merciful enough to order my release. I dearly hoped so. I’d been holed up in here for five weeks and some. God alone knew what the state of my boutique was right now. Had daddy ordered it to be shut down too?

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