hello MAY


Everyday MAY not be good but there is something good in every day… so says someone.

In this month of May, may we find, every single day, that something good.

Wishing you all a memorable and eventful month.

C’mon let’s colourful May … yay!


12 thoughts on “hello MAY

      • Eh. Writing?..#iWish. I’m reserving all the pen’s ink for writing the marking schemes for the exams starting next week.#hehe.
        My dear. My head is shit deep in preparation for pre-finals. All its thinking is pathogenecity, toxicology, parasitology etc.

        BTW. Thanks for “A Cinderella story”… It provides the necessary occasional distraction. At least if I can’t write, I can enjoy and admire great writing. #wink. Keep it coming darl. #uRock.

        • Sheedary love, I am confounded by those big big grammar o. Kilode! Lol. best of luck, dear. May you make good success. And tis my pleasure about Cinderella story.

  1. Even if its the second day, its still a new month, so HAPPY NEW MONTH to EVERYONE, and a HAPPY BIRTHMONTH TO U ExceptionStar

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