‘Lil Adjustment


There would be a minor adjustment to the time of posting of our current short story My Cinderella Story. It is usually scheduled for 5 am but would be coming up 5 pm tomorrow due to a slight change in my own schedule.

So, let us tune in then. Have a good night.



8 thoughts on “‘Lil Adjustment

  1. You are such a darling, do you know that? Not all bloggers would take their time to inform their readers about a missed post, talkless of a late one. Or even write posts for a reader’s birthday. All I can say is God bless you. Your gift will make way for you.

    • Many thanks, Nene. I consider it my personal style, though sometimes, I am unable to be that polite… especially when PHED strike, lol. And this ya comment just reminded me about something I’ve failed to do. *loading correction mode* *wink*

  2. Waiting here sista with my stomach bigger than my head at the moment and ur little Chinese guy trying to take my fone frm me. Love u and later tins.

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