CoMing SoOn

too little,too late 3

Sometimes fear slays courage. Sometimes doubt drowns instinct. Sometimes when courage and instinct finally trounce, it is too LATE.

Too Little, Too LATE… coming 9 June, 2015.


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Too Little, Too LATE CS


13 thoughts on “CoMing SoOn

  1. Hehehehe!! I cant wait o, see the title sef, hmmm, knowing what Spicey can do with words, i dare say this one is already a hit

  2. TM rimba all dos Dennis Robbins novels. Sth like dt to jolt us. Unexpected emotions and vowing never to read dem again but still yearning for more.

    • Hahahahaha. Hmm, I swear you made me think of something. Love the challenge of it. A trial Dennis Robbins… wonder if I can pull it off. This is a little different though, sad but not melancholic, which Dennis Robbins surely were. Thanks for reminding me, sis.

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