Going Off-Grid


off grid

That would be me getting inside that… space-water-craft… *side eyes*, lol.

Dear, dear people, as we come to the end of our short story My Cinderella Story, I’ve decided to take a mid-long break. So, I heard this term ‘off grid’ just a few days ago… yes, I can be that clueless at times, lol… and thought that’s what I’ll be doing, going off-grid.

I feel so tush, en vogue and all-in-the-rage saying that, off-grid *wink*. 

I need the time to put finishing touches to you-know-what. And if you don’t know what… duh! I underestimated a whole lot of things and I got undermined by a whole other events, but it’s come to the point where we trim, primp and sculpt into seemingly perfect form. And that needs a whole lot of concentration and attention.

So, I would be off-grid, partially, from now till 9 June 2015. I say partially because I just find it so, so hard leaving my blog entirely bare and function-less for that long… not if I can help it. And of course, I hate to leave you guys un-entertained *shines teeth*.

Therefore, Keziah’s Dairy will be here every Thursday to entertain you guys and chase the vultures off a seemingly dead carcass, hehehe. I can’t do more than one story-per-week post because I really need this three weeks. I hope to round up by then and then you all can dine and wine on our much, much expected book(s).

So, keep a date every Thursday and keep it activity-full with your comments… don’t be stingy now. Lol.

Hopefully, sometime in July, we will go back to regular blogging… by God’s grace.

See y’all.

Much love,



8 thoughts on “Going Off-Grid

  1. Off-grid? Hmmm, the word does make u feel tush saying it sha, by the way Spicey, u know u can always count on us na and besides u need that off-grid break o, so that the later things will be much more better than d former, u get what i mean *winks*, God bless jare

  2. An I invited to the space water craft? No worries we wil be right here waiting for u. Lots of love and God’s peace. Looking fwd to reading KD.

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