No Heart Feelings… by Sally Kenneth Dadzie




Nandir had an oval face with high cheekbones and a narrow chin. Her doll-like eyes were always accentuated by long eyelashes and thinly plucked eyebrows. A long nose rested above constantly pursed lips and she possessed dark, glowing skin that was almost without blemish. She wasn’t particularly beautiful facially but her appearance drawn out by eye-catching clothes and a relentlessly spilling cleavage always turned heads wherever she went.

Nandir adored the attention. In fact, she thrived on it. She could never be seen out of her house without makeup and some revealing outfit, even under the chilly conditions of Jos weather. There was no such thing as casual appearance with her. But for sad reasons, she had stumbled out of her one-room apartment in nothing but a pair of jeans and a rumpled, shapeless tee which was faded and frayed at the edges, and had hired a taxi all the way to the Yakubu Gowon Airport to pick Jimi. Her hair was in its state of natural mess and the strip of fake eyelashes on her left eye was hanging loose, giving the eye a droopy look. A zit on her chin glistened under parched lips that were void of lipstick or gloss.

It was a rare sighting and Jimi could hardly recognize the mess that waved at him from the backseat of a taxi that was waiting at the parking lot. He lifted his Ray-Ban’s a tad to have a proper look and sure enough it was Nandir, his ex. Dodging a couple of ladies that walked by him, he walked to the taxi.

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Soul Train 9

Today on Soul Train we’re going to be listening (e-listening *wink*) to Bob Gass. He is an American-based Christian Pastor, a broadcaster and an author of several books. He is also the writer of the daily devotional, The Word For Today.

Which is exactly where we are going to getting today’s Soul Train, from the volume II of his book, The Best of the Word for Today.

If you’ve ever picked up a devotional from Intercontinental back (at least sometime around 2008 – 2011, not sure about now) then it was likely The Word for Today compiled by Bob Gass.

So, we are going to hear his teaching on Budgets and Boundaries. Hope like I did, you’ll learn something…


Relationships work best when you enter them “head first,” not “heart-first.” Establish boundaries and a budget upfront. Where does this person belong? How much am I prepared to invest in them? Life’s too short to be spent straightening out misunderstandings, hurt feelings and damaged egos.

Become wise by walking with the wise; hang out with fools and watch your life fall to pieces. (Proverbs 13:20 TM).

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What do I do?


That is the question on my mind — what do I do?

I have fallen prey again to content theft. And now, right from here my every own blog. And not just one site, I discovered two in one night.

Can you imagine how I feel?

This is a story I spent months working on. And these common thieves just come in here, right click and yank off my work to their sites without the least bit thought or consideration!

I stayed awake a long time and wondered what I should do. And frankly, I don’t know. I just know that I hate this and I am not having it. I think It has come to the time when I have to reconsider these free-reads I keep posting here. Maybe it’s time I stopped writing stories here and just Ebook and sell all my stories.

I can’t continue to be ripped off like this… it is disheartening. I am hurt. angry, infuriated. mad as hell (yeah, those are same words) but I just feel so angry and so helpless… and very hurt and insulted too.

Why do you want to own a literature blog when you can’t write? Why lie that a story is yours and lap up all the praises when you can’t write shit?

I’m tired! I want to scream and rant but I am tired. I am. I’ve had it. I need answers.

At, someone named THANKMIC just started posting my story TAKE ME AS I AM and at an abandoned WordPress blog, another finished posting the last episode of same story on the 5th of this month. And to think he had the impetus to come here and make suggestions to me.

Damn it!

What do I do, people? What the heck do I do?

I want ideas. I want suggestions. How do I protect my work… my stories which you all are reading for free and some of you are stealing. It is stealing — it is CONTENT THEFT. COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT!

So, tell me what to do. And don’t anybody lol me, I am not finding this funny and I never will. Also stuff the sermon on how it’s been done to all writers and how I should just be patient and don’t scrap the stories. Tell me something real. And no praise singing either… I don’t need to hear what a great writer I am, I need to hear how to protect my stories!

Tell me something that doesn’t just come from a self-centered  focus. Tell me what to do? How to protect my stories here. How to stop copy and paste. How to make this literature blog work without having regrets.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am very down right now. I am unhappy about this and I want a solution. And if you are a lawyer here, could you tell me what are my rights and if I can pursue any legal action against these people.

If you are one of the thieves, keep off. Keep far, far away from this post.

Please make suggestions and if you all abandon me in this, whatever decision I make will stand, with no apologies to anyone.

Thank you. Have a great weekend. And may common thieves be far from your properties.


No Heart feelings… by Sally Kenneth Dadzie

No be my fault o. No Power yesterday.




The camera found her in bed, nestled under a fuzzy blanket. Her crazy Rihanna hairdo had never looked crazier. Lips that were still puckered because of the million kisses that met her the night before lay slightly parted. There was a silent purr from her with every heave of her chest and the camera stayed on her that way. It adored her for a very long time until the crow of a cockerel outside a window beside the bed brought her into a stir. Her eyelids fluttered, lips closed and parted again. She went back to sleep. But the cockerel announced the morning once more and this time her eyes opened.

“Wake up, doll-face.”

She blinked and looked at the camera. A sleepy expression still written in her eyes slowly turned to a smile.

“Hey you,” the voice behind the camera came on again.

“Turn it off,” she said.

The camera retreated to a dressing table facing the bed but it remained on.

Jimi walked back to the bed and got under the blanket with Marie. His lips brushed against hers and left a taste of mint and freshness. She responded with a moan.

“We’ve been here ten days, Jimi…” she whispered.

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No Heart Feelings… by Sally Kenneth Dadzie




Luiz Benicio sprang up from his bed like a mad man. The loud banging he had just heard in his dream turned out to be actual loud banging on the door of his hotel suite. Someone outside was screaming for him to open the door. He guided himself in the direction of the sitting room in a dazed stagger, knocking a few things to the floor on his way. His head hung on him like a heavy bag of water, unstable and throbbing. His eyes were not his; they felt like the eyes that attacked him whenever he was drunk to stupor.


The banging had now turned to attempts to break into the suite and Luiz made it to the door just in time. He turned the key and a familiar man burst in, elbow first and almost falling, but he steadied himself and jerked Luiz by the collar of his t-shirt.

“Where is my sister?!”

Luiz stared back, still in his daze. His eyes could hardly bring the form of the man before him into one piece.

“You’re drunk!” The man shoved him aside and marched towards the bedroom. Luiz staggered after him and stopped at entrance to hold the doorframe for support.

“Ariya!” the man dashed to the bed, lifting up Luiz’s wife who was soaked in what seemed to be blood. “Ariya!” the man shouted again.

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Holla @ my old Timers

Old timers1

Like the above old-timer automobile image, there are things that cannot be replaced,  even when they can be remodeled. They cannot be forgotten, even if new inventions make them looked out-dated and they most certainly cannot be devalued because no matter how much value that new something in your life brings, it just can’t equate the value of that old-timer.

Thus, no matter how many new followers and readers I have, I just can’t stop thinking of my good old timers. I’ve been looking out for them and while a very few had come out of their recently-adorned ghost-mode, there are still so many I know not if they are ghost-moding or simply off-grid.

I am sending a holla to all my old commenters and in no particular order to — Toyenlon, Firstlady Temidayo, Jvsh, Bola, Faith, Harbbeygold, Toykathy, Doughyeen, Shalom, Lade, Doyinsola, Toyosi, Goodness, Cleo, Tholuwani, Omotoso Folake, Topazo, Yeyeade, Anita, Uche Mbonu, Judith, Nee, Boluwatife, Taymeah, Temmy, Mystiq18, Profeme, Eunie, Morayodequeen, Aramide and others.

Now, my apologies if I didn’t list your name. Nothing personal… just that it must have been eons since you last commented and WordPress just can’t bring it up no more. Dang!

Hey people above, first off holla at your lady here. Let her know that you are still with us on Planet Human and let her BP settle to normal reading *wink*

Thereafter, can you please explain to me why you guys gotta treat me like that? *angry bird face*

Now I know that some of you are playing reader-emotional blackmail game with me *side eyes @ Yeyeade* and I know some of you backed-off out of a silent self-righteous disapproval of a perceived stand in one of my blovels *I’m not ever saying sorry for that, EVER… I got a right to freedom of belief and expression* But we ought to have a relationship here and that relationship is what I am looking to re-ignite.

So this is me lovingly re-inviting you, my special old-timers, to reappear and be, once again, a part of this blog. I am not begging, mind ya *don’t go having big heads now… *rolls eyes* I am simply inviting y’all back here.

I miss you guys and I wanna feel your love again, cos y’all are my   super oldies




Did I notice a drop in feedback level already??? *side eyes @ y’all*

*Don’t touch the cobra’s tail now* Adios amigos.