New Blog Design – Your thoughts?

blog design

Hiya people,

So, it’s that time when I feel like changing blog design. I have three in mind. This one is topping the list. I’d like to know your thoughts. You are the readers. I need to know if this theme is reading-convenient.

So, tell me, how does it look on Mobile? That is the most important question. Because I can view it on computer and it looks marvelous. Looked great too on tablet and also on my Microsoft 5″ screen phone, didn’t look so bad.

So, please let me know how you find it. Or we’ll try another. Also check colour and background and how easy to load and to comment.

Many thanks.



23 thoughts on “New Blog Design – Your thoughts?

  1. It is very low key and not too busy. Some of the blogs with crazy colored backgrounds I find hard to focus on. This is easy to read.

  2. Thanks Joan & McSteph. @ McSteph what do you mean a boy likes it? And your french should be c’est bon et agréable…

  3. Am a ‘blockhead’ when it comes to things like this, so Spicey if u and others say its good then its good. As far as i can tell, it didnt tamper with my viewing ur blog today which is utmost, then its fine

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