Near-ZERO Comments… sick of it!!!

no comment

I find it completely and helplessly annoying and I can’t help it. I have REPEATEDLY spoken about it. Have made threats about it. Have ranted about it and have even begged about it… and still NO CHANGE! Practically none.

And much as I like to pretend or act like I don’t care and that it doesn’t matter, IT DOES!!!

I visit several story/literature based blogs and then I read a hundred + comments or over fifty comments solely from readers and while I’m well aware that we all have varied follower-ship and readership base, I also know I could match those comments by half at least.


And I wonder now why I work myself to the bone — and seriously I do. I overwork myself writing FREELY and more than half of you can’t make the effort to comment. You are too selfish for that. And I am seriously becoming too sick of it.

I have an eye condition that warrants I limit my use of computer screens but I still don’t do it… to satisfy my readers. To fulfill a dream. To do what I love and would sincerely love to be appreciated for.

I also notice that some of you visit other blogs and comment more there than you do here. WHY? They make your efforts more worthwhile?

I am hurt. I am disappointed. And I am FURIOUS!

I left a post requesting that you, my readers, help me choose the new theme for this blog — how many even bothered?

Do you even get it? Why do I bother with politeness? Why do I need to bother with apologies for my absence? Why do I need to keep a schedule? Why do I need to write and re-write and then edit and re-edit to post bi-weekly or more episodes of a story you can’t make the effort to come appreciate?

Someone care to tell me why?


A time will come when TM David-West will ONLY write for a paid audience. For paying readers. That time is coming and you are bringing it to birth. I never conceived I’ll leave Alifediary empty of full-written stories but soon it will be an Excerpts blog and those who are willing… and able, will pay for complete stories.

I’m sick and tired of near-zero comments. I AM BORED WITH IT. I have threatened to abandon ship here once… there are many ways I can do just that.

If you are reading a work by TM David-West and you didn’t pay for it, your charge is ONE COMMENT. That is my rule. You can keep that rule and be honest that you do, or frankly, you can walk with your too-disinterested-to-appreciate self.

Thank you.





65 thoughts on “Near-ZERO Comments… sick of it!!!

    • You are new favouriteshades and so, not part of those giving me a ‘headache’. But it’d be nice to always read your comment.

  1. TM is angry,guilty as charged,ure right its just not fair that u go thru all this pains and its like we dont care, I promise to turn a new leaf,am on my knees oooo

  2. am so sorry. I am guilty as charged, from now i will always endeavour to leave a comment. I love your style of writing so much, once i get online, i usually check your website first. Please forgive me and other readers who are guilty of this and pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee keep writing abeg, biko. Thanks dear.

  3. Awww, Spicey, just take a deep breath, take it really slow now, thank u. U see, most times, it could be our service providers, other times, it could just be that we are ‘wowed’ by ur write-up and a simple, ‘thank u, u are d best’ is just not enuf, i know this aint a reasonable reason and we got no excuse whatever, buh, all the same, Spicey, PLEASE dont stop writing cos ur writing does heal a soul, believe me. Thank u very, very, very plenty for every write-up on this blog (i hope that makes up sha*winks*)

  4. I’m so guilty of this, but I can’t help it now most of the time because data network service where I’m posted to is near non-existent. But once in a while when I have access I’ll sure leave loadss of comments, thanks for the efforts you put in for us.

    • Jvsh, I don’t think you are guilty… I understand that you strive to comment. But if there’s room for improvement… improve away, lol

  5. Wow!!!! See provoke :). Well we all love free stuff, there is this blog I follow, one day she just stopped posting in the midlle of a very very intriging story.
    Abeg no do us like that, we shall improve.

  6. im new here nd really appreciate ur work.
    u write beautifully things that are worthy of hardcopy publications and acting.
    sorry for the back comments,i’m reading old stories you’ve written and will definitely improve in commenting

  7. im new here nd really appreciate ur work.
    u write beautifully worthy of hardcopy publications and acting.
    sorry for the back comments,i’m reading old stories you’ve written and will definitely improve in commenting

  8. this is serious…. i was reading this and my stomach was lurching, T M, please we will CHANGE, consider the government we are in now. I for one will comment on your posts, everything you will be posting will be commented on. Just take it easy.

    • Choi, na person wey know me reach house be this… I suppose spank you small sha… meanwhile, welcome to the elders council

  9. I voted on your new theme and to be honest there are not many that I write comments on. I like the “like” button. It says I liked it without no fancy words needed. Hell not everyone comments on mine and I have 2 blogs. and and I am doing better with my new one and you by the way came from finallyawriterblog originally. I follow over 300, close to 400 now, blogs. I just can’t comment on all. Having enough trouble reading them all. Sorry, don’t know what to tell you.

    • Trust me Tessa, that post wasn’t actually meant for you and for all who indeed make an effort. I’ve been appreciating your ‘likes’… it’s been an honour to have them. But I’ve been on this blog so long and I know certain readers who just prefer not to comment. They are there all right, but they can’t make the effort to comment on a post they read, even if to criticize it.
      Tessa, I appreciate all your comments and above all, your ‘likes’. And I look forward to seeing them… cos they are such a relief since I don’t get much likes here, lol.
      300 blogs??? How do you do it?
      Tessa, you are amazing and I mean that honestly.
      I will visit finallyawriter. Promise.
      Thanks Tessa.

      • Well I feel better. I tend to take things literally and to heart and it bothered me. I do my best, but like you said 300 blogs takes a lot of work to keep up with, plus my own writing. The new stuff on Finally a Writer is the same stuff I posted on Tessa. My older work on there is all the prompts I used to write, but the good sites quit posting and I kind of got involved with my health and then I started this journal type blog. The stories on here are non-fiction, my life stories and the poems are just poems that came to me. I am glad that I didn’t upset you. Good luck with your site. I enjoy your work.

  10. Yes O! Met your blog from moskeda,And I must say,Reading the Caliber of your stories ehn!!! (Take me as I am on Moskeda, and all the whole Romance story here) AM NVELI Shocked and surprised that you don’t Get comments Here, even that ya fabulous Story of TMAIA on moskeda has more Comments than your’s here!!! Nna,its No fair o!!! Even me sef is guilty of Non commenting!! Nbet am veli new to ya blog (not up to 3weeks) so from now On,I make A Solemn promise of commenting on any story I read,even if it was written during the time of Creation!!! Make we blow up ya blog like moskeda!! (*Whispering* errm,u said u know other stories blog??? Can I have those pLzzzzzz! *rolling on the Floor Crying*)

    • Glad you truly see my point of view, Harrison. Welcome on board and glad to keep reading your thoughts.

      And about ’em other literature blogs, stick around and i just might be revealing them *tongue in cheek*

  11. Yeee! This is serious tongue lashing and i feel scolded. I’m relatively new here and just seeing this infact, but i admit i could have done better. Sooooooo sorry.

  12. so sorry i ve been a ghost reader 4 long i promise to change henceforth, i will be commentg on any story i read here so help me God

  13. @TM i am absolutely ashamed of my behaviour of not commenting everytime i read here, despite d fact i av enjoyed a lot here, i feel embarrased by my behaviour… on this note am saying a very big SORRY to you and promise to ya and pls i still wanna know where KD ends.

    • horllybee, where’ve you been??? You see how I miss you guys and everyone is thinking TM is just being a braggadocio drama queen? *pout* Good to have you back, dear

  14. TM, I know sey u suppose vex but abeg no vex plenty…
    On this note, I Joan, hereby promise to change from a semi-ghost reader to an active one.
    I personally appreciate your “blood-like” sweat on our behalf. Please keep up the good work and Jah’s blessing.
    Keziah no vex na…we enjoy all your musings.
    Do enjoy a nice weekend ma’am.

  15. Hmm u are right u have every right to b angry we are sorry personally I’m sorry 4 not commenting nd I promise 2 try s much as I can 2 leave a commet once I read any of ur stories 4rm now hence forth.

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