Doing nothing Happy mode *activated*

doing nothing

Hiya peeps,

How y’all doing? Great as I am? I surely hope so… lol.

So, I woke up this morning feeling like a million dollars… if only I had that sitting pretty in my bank account… hmmmmmmmm *roll eyes in sheer wishful pleasure*

Let me begin with the good news — Keziah’s Diary won’t be coming today… oops! Lmao.

happy mode  yeah, I just activated that mode. Actually, I activated it last night. My don’t-worry-be-happy-mode is turned on and blasting *yay!!!*

So, KD won’t be on today.


Well, studying carefully the feedback this series has generated since it kicked off 8 October 2014 and seeing how POOR it is, I realised it was a series that is not well-liked. Many don’t appreciate it. Maybe they find it pointless and un-entertaining — it’s, after all, the unserious  musings of a flowery-headed young woman.

So realising this, I figured NO MORE NEED FOR IT.

I mean why waste time writing what practically no one reads and appreciates — because if there are many who read and followed KD I would know by the uncountable feedback it would have been getting in the last eight months. But only a few readers enjoy the series and I just can’t make that much of an effort and take up unnecessary spare here just to satisfy a few. Right?

Dear peeps, my point is, Keziah’s Diary won’t return here if it is not getting good-enough feedback. There’s no point. I can finish up the remaining episodes of the series, ebook-it and email-it to the FEW readers who’d been following the series ACTIVELY. Won’t cost me anything as they are not even up to twenty.

I am seriously considering that option… and so is Keziah herself.

Oh yeah, Keziah is disappointed… horribly so! She told me so over a glass of wine and chicken & chips yesterday evening at Best Bite. My girl says she generously shares her personal story with you guys and you can’t even show her some love.

Dang! That’s mean, right???

So, we (Kez and I) are shutting it down here at Alifediary. And she will shape-it-up just for her faithful readers.

Well, if I were to tell her that things might change around here — I don’t know… maybe feedback will improve? More people show their interest?? Ghost-readers become LIVE??? — anything positive, might just sway her from her decision.

There is a big POSSIBILITY of that happening. But it all depends on you all.


Seriously, this brother understood my grievance in Near-ZERO Comments like no other. And indeed he reminded me of something I’d noticed all through the airing of my Take Me As I Am in Moskedapages. I mean I was hounded by comments via my gmail box from that blog. It was like everyone who read it had something or more to say and they weren’t stingy saying them.

It was overwhelming… and embarrassing for me at same time. Same story was appreciated more outside my home-base than it was here. Reminds you of Jesus’ saying “a prophet is never appreciated in his home country”, right?

*And yes, that is my translation, lol*

It doesn’t surprise me anymore, not after my roaming the internet yesterday evening in search of how to make progress as a Writer/Blogger. I ran into this marvelous blogger… well, he is more of a Writer… and something he said (like Harrison’s thought) made me realise that I just might need to take my writings elsewhere and not just drown SUCH GREAT WORKS in the mire of unrecognition and unappreciation that abounds here.

That amazing realisation made, I have decided that if feedback on Too Little, Too LATE does not improve after next week’s two episodes, I will shut it down here. Mmm hmm, half of the comments you see there are mine *shame*

OH YES, I mean it too.

I have already scheduled the episode for Saturday and I will schedule in the episodes for Tuesday and Saturday next week BUT if there is no show of interest and feedback is not improved, it is pointless working on it and posting it here. And Prisca agrees with me.

Yes, she does. She thinks there is no point telling you this story that so touched her and hoping you will learn from it, if there is practically no one here reading it. And telling her how they feel about this narration she and Priscilla are putting together. (Don’t worry, you’ll meet Priscilla soon… if you want).

So, there are two things I can do. Ebook-it and SELL IT to interested readers OR go find another blog with ACTIVE and willing to APPRECIATE readers and start posting it there.

Harrison did even suggest I come to Moskeda. I just might contact Sally and see if she will be willing to have me. (Have to send her a mail of appreciation for bringing me new readers by the way.)

Hmm, that’s a thought. *purse lips* If not Moskeda, it could be Opus’ blog — he might make a place for me and his readers delight in giving feedback. Or any other blog. I might even save it for Naijastories. Some of my old readers there are missing me. *sigh* I don’t know… anyone has anything to say? Any promises of change? Improvement? Activity? Feedback? Ghost-mode de-activated?

Don’t worry, peeps, this don’t mean I am abandoning Alifediary, hell to the no!!! I am still here. We will just be doing things differently. Little, teeny-weeny don’t-take-much-of-an-effort and don’t-cost-so-much things together. After all, I actually started this blog to create a fan base for a different blog I planned on self-hosting. I got some kind of fan-base — even though more than half is on ghost-mode — but what da heck, half the world is on ghost-mode on vital issues, right?

Lol. Choi, I am truly in a happy mood today o. So thankful for life, love, and God-given talent. Not to talk of great sense of humour… hahahahahahahaha!!!

I like y’all to share in my joy and laughter, so I got a little joke for y’all.


The Poor country Pastor was livid when he confronted his wife with the receipt for a N20,000.00 dress she had bought.

“How could you do this!” He exclaimed.

“I don’t know,” she wailed, “I was standing in the store looking at the dress. Then I found myself trying it on. It was like the devil was whispering to me, ‘You look great in that dress. You should buy it’.”

“Well,” the Pastor persisted, “you know how to deal with him! Just tell him, ‘Get behind me, Satan!'”

“I did,” replied the wife. “but then, he said, ‘It looks great from the back here too.'”


You like the joke? Lmao *women! Always wily*

That would have cost you guys N2,500.00 (or what do these comedians charge these days?) but I gave it out for free… like ’em stories you’ve been reading. They come free and just for that they should be HIGHLY and VISIBLY appreciated, don’t you think? *grin*

I got to go, got work to do. Many waiting for For Better, For Worse. And you guys, CHILL! I got to make it worth  your long wait, okay? Okay.

And about that (For Better, For Worse), I will be putting up five glimpse chapters, a chapter/week starting next week. The first two chapters and three other random chapters… to wet your appetite and show you it’s not going to come out exactly as it started on Nairawriters. And to garner interests of course… lol.

Remember though, the ball is in your court. The choice is yours. You can have Keziah’s Dairy back and we can go on with Too Little, Too LATE without having to stop after next week. All you have to do is get out of your ghost-mode and let me know there are indeed people reading this, not aliens increasing my visitor’s stats. And if indeed, there are only a few of you here at Alifediary, then I have to change my modus operandi and go hunt down followers and readers elsewhere. You agree, right?

I am writing free so as to popularize my pen name and make my work known… by MANY, not just a few.

So, y’all have a great day now. Be happy and be generous.

And oh, I’ve decided to schedule in SOUL TRAIN into our blog schedule for Sundays. And no, it’s not a musical, break-out-your-dance-moves thingy. It’s a section I will be dedicating to God’s thoughts on our lifestyle, heart-style and soul-style.

God is my talent-giver and I believe it is time I give Him space on my blog. It’s going to start this Sunday and feedback or not, it will stay. hehehe, God matter no be joke own, capiche?

All right, my darlings, I’ll see y’all in candid camera, lol. Be good, be active and remember, TM loves y’all and TM is crazy about comments… lwkm.




I never break these uncategorised rant announcement posts cos wherever your are, I want you to read it in full, first click… lol *sip cheap kunu*


65 thoughts on “Doing nothing Happy mode *activated*

        • Blackmailing??? Jeffreyjamez such an ugly word. I don’t blackmail… such a weak thing to do. I am mildly insulted that you’ll consider it something I’ll do. This is not a blackmail, neither a threat. If you are doing a job and there is no appreciation whatsoever, there is likelihood of letting that job go… or else the pay is great, lmao.

          Blackmail?… *my ass*

          • You asked for my mind na…

            So what about the “less than 20” ardent readers /commentators?… ever heard the saying, a bird in hand is worth more than 2 in the bush?

          • And I just responded to your opinion… duh!
            I value the ‘less than 20’ readers which is exactly why they’ll be getting free copies of Keziah’s Diary and I will be keeping this place busy for them.
            But I’m a writer with a goal and that goal is presently not met here. I need to go meet that goal where I can.
            There is purpose to every madness, Jeffrey. And certainly a ‘sane’ purpose to mine.
            Give me enough credit please.

            *No long stories here if not enough readers to value it. Shorter less-time-consuming-strenuous ones can suffice.*

  1. Hello. ..Partially guilty tho, but then it ain’t my fault. Tried commenting couple of times but it’s like the comments link is against my comments…it never goes through. If dz goes through, it’s a miracle n am up for change. Nice work you do here tho

    • Can’t imagine why ‘comment app’ will be against your comments… lol. Looks like it isn’t now though… so, welcome on board and hope you ‘actively’ participate more.

  2. Hello life diary am sorry am guilty am among the ghost r elders, I love your stories I don’t fail to read them once u release it, please don’t stop too little too late and K, Jeffery want to know how she picks her hubby, will start commenting from now on, keep up the good work

    • Hi Grace, good to hear from you. I’m really happy about it… then again, I’m so happy today, lol. Welcome ‘visibly’ on alifediary and may you continue to be visible, lol.

  3. I yaff show!!! *shocked* chi’mo!!!! Errrm,T.M…..issit me or issit Me??? Wait o!!! Ayam the Harrison shey??? *Pours toothpaste ladder on mumsi Face* ehen?? (Sorry mom)…tankchu TM!!! *sobs uncontrollably* Tanki ma!!! It really means A lot……am really recognized…….Thank u!!! You have indirectly made my Day.

  4. I loveeee ur work it’s just dat i’m always in a rush to read it before I get to work. And it’s always wen i’m in traffic. I hereby promise to change.

    • Hi Funmex, how about I suggest you check in some replies during lunch break, huh? Works for you? Hehehehe, where there is a will, there is a way… na so wise people talk am. lmao

  5. U re doing a great Job and i can understand how frustrating it can be if pple dont comment. Dont take it personal. Knew about ur blog wen i read take me as i am from Moskeda’s blog. Keep up d good job. Some of us are very lazy commenters, not that we dont love ur work.

    • Thanks datoks.
      Meanwhile, where are the peeps who knew these blog way before moskedapages, huh? Abi una dey tell me say na ghost dey visit this blog before now???

      O gah o

  6. TM I saw D side eye u gave me but am giving you #tongue out duh seriously I left comment it was wordpress dat refuse to update it and dats how dey do most times therefore am joining you in ur happy mood. Hope am among ur 20 list o

  7. please , i will change beginning from this minute. First day i stumbled on your blog i finished reading all your completed series and have been following ever since. Now you have made me start salivating for more with “too little, too late” and “keziah ‘s diary”. pls dont leave your readers hanging o. thanks

  8. Hmmm, Spicey really took dis thing serious o. Ok, can u hook me up with Keziah, the three of us(she, u and i) need to go on a date(and no, three is not a crowd), discuss this issue not over some chicken and juice(that combo makes u say things that make people sad) buh over a spicey peppersoup with all the local contents (shaki, kpomo, roundabout), a lot of pepper to charge d brain and make u say nice things and then with chilled zobo drink. We need to do that ASAP before things get outa hand and ppl start experiencing heartbreak

    • Roflmao… OMG! Jeanfortune, you slayed me. We surely should go on a date but I wonder do you want to become a part of Kez’s love triangle? Hehehehe

      • Ermm, if she trusted u enough to confide in u over this matter, then trust me u already part of her love triangle. Pls, madam Spicey, dont abandon sail abi na ship, abeg i take everything beg u, infact everything u owe dear

        • *isint there some way of editing?* Spicey, its nw i got the question(na now network enter ma brain). YES i want to be part of it if only to solve this comment palavar

        • Lol, Jeanfortune, I no join her triangle o, na Luke and Angela join with Jeff for side-view, hahahaha. Okay I’ve heard you *wink*

  9. Ahhh…….biko don’t stop KD series oòo. Am down on my kneels, and begging u pls. Been having so much fun reading. Abeg forgive we selfish readers jor..we are very like dat. We are changing tho…weldone on ur gud work.

    • Glad to hear you love it, Sandra and so will Keziah *wink*. No getting on knees things though, I’m unworthy and will always be… true word!

  10. I am showing ooo..its not our fault ma’am I actually got angry wen I gave u an idea wen u lost yr data and u didn’t use it,it pained me cos I felt sad for u and gave u d best way to go abt it…but m out of d ghost mode now.. pls don’t take keziah away….

    • Temilola, I tried every idea given me here… I promise. None worked and I soon learned to let that matter rest. But I sincerely apologise for not getting back to everyone who made suggestions. Pardon me for appearing nonchalant please… not my intention.
      *wipe sweat… o gah, I don enter*

      • no problem ma’am av bin an ardent reader since d days of for better for worse but I be ghost reader and I ain’t reading to run now though running from ghost mode to active participant..plss don’t take keziah away..

  11. #crying nd rolling on d floor# TM pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaassssssseeeee, dnt do dis to me, wat u jst post up dere almost gave me a heart attack.. Puhlleeaaase from nw on I promise to change 4 gud, jst continue wit KD.. #sad mood activated#

    • damisky, why are you and Harrison rolling on the floor na? Na to encourage those thinking I’m bad to be giving me cynical nasty eyes? Lol. Chill, damisky… every problem has a solution and a reason… this one does *wink*

      • Errm,don’t know why the Lady above too is rolling on the floor with me and Crying sef *yimu* But Me like the floor jhoor,its Wide and comforting!!!!
        Went To Zchannel and opus! Y’all can give y’all A run for y’all’s Money…..

  12. u do great work no doubt nd get few recognitions and appreciations which actually its unfair but i think u shouldnt b rude to d few pple dt actually read nd make comments. u hv worries, yes nd have plans or resolutions to purnish ur ghost readers but hey u said its ur passion so i believe getting few comments shouldnt b something to get u all impolite to ur followers.
    *love your work*

  13. done with all your old stories now and was thinking I’ll be getting a new episode of kez diary since today is Thursday,,pleasssssse don’t do this to us,ure one of the good writers around,love your stories to bit,continue writing biko

    • Thanks for taking the time to go through every story, giftben and glad to know you were entertained… at the very least. I will keep your request in mind. Many thanks

  14. Chai…. *hiding under pillow* please dont go. i will be more active T M. Just pls don’t take away the major stories.

  15. TM,your stories are so touching and exhilarating..more grace to your efforts… no more ghost mode from me though ..

  16. TM pleease don’t stop entertaining us. I promise to change from now.
    “Get behind me ungrateful attitude”
    Enjoy your weekend already.
    Keziah please don’t leave us ooh…we are your friends after all… Don’t worry you’ll “see” our voice more.

  17. Am actually a ghost reader, but pls TM don’t stop all dis wonderful write up. I promised to change and also drop comments, pllllsssssssssssssssssss ma.

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