Hiya Newbies


A whole lot of new folks have joined Alifediary lately and many have dunped their ghost-mode status (permanently I sincerely hope) and as such I feel there is need to welcome y’all.

Alifiediay is a Litblog that focuses mainly on Fiction stories written by me. But we are spreading our wings lately and having fictional stories from other writers. But while it’s mainly all about stories and literary readings, there are many other things we do here — like celebrate with each other during birthdays, learn a little about Fiction writing (though that is on hold now) and talk about other life issues (another section that is on hold for now).

But whatever the case, I can promise you that at Alifediary you’ll surely be entertained and have fun. So, to acquaint yourself on how stories are posted here, simply click on Blog Schedule on the sidebar and know our ‘timetable’.

Also, click on the Meet me icon and know a lil about me and what obtains on a Alifediary.

And if you haven’t done so and would like to be celebrated here at Alifediary, drop of your birthday date in the comment section and let’s celebrate you.

I must say it’s been a great week and I’ve been enjoying the influx of comments. I still believe there is room for more, so don’t be shy, selfish or just plain mean, leave a word after you read and let’s share our thoughts as we bond as a family here.

Have a great rest of the week and continue to enjoy literature at its best @ Alifediary.





32 thoughts on “Hiya Newbies

  1. Awwww,thank you ma’am for the warm welcome,i feel the love… #takes a bow#

    This part got me laughing…….i still believe there’s room for more……then…..or just plain mean,lols.TM,talk about mega shades…..lmao

  2. Hi. I’m new here. I don’t really like to leave comments. For no particular reason. But I’ll try. BTW, june 21st is my birthday

  3. Thank you for welcoming us, i guess this is it then, no more witholding my comments…lol, and before i forget my birthday is coming Sept 17th

  4. Wow! I really do feel welcomed, thank you! I’ve become addicted to this blog, I love it here, cos my ‘hobbiest’ hobby is reading novels, so reading here starts and complete my day. I’ll try leave comments, as its not an habit for me…and my birthday is 3rd of december. Thank u.

    • Omotola, I’d so love to hear from you every so often, so try, try, TRY harder, lol. We’ll be enjoying with you come December, make no mistake about that.

  5. *clears throat*, ermmm, all the ‘first timers’ in da house, pls come forward lets pray for u….. (as they file out), a word of advice, please ENDEAVOUR TO LEAVE A COMMENT, so that this ‘ministry’ can move to its permanent site, thank u all, now lets pray, ”O God our Heavenly Father, the Keeper of this ‘ministry’ and its head (our dear TM), We thank YOU for the newbies, we ask o Loving Creator, that they will not regret coming in here, that YOU GOD bless their understanding when they read anything on this blog, and as well give them a thoughtful mind to bless the life of our leader by at least leaving a coment, this we pray in Jesus Christ Name. Amen. Thank u all and once again, YOU ARE WELCOME

  6. I am not really knew. I just kind of took a hiatus from the story blog where I followed you originally. My birthday is Oct 11. I almost put the wrong date. Now I am forgetting when I was born. 🙂

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