Holla @ my old Timers

Old timers1

Like the above old-timer automobile image, there are things that cannot be replaced,  even when they can be remodeled. They cannot be forgotten, even if new inventions make them looked out-dated and they most certainly cannot be devalued because no matter how much value that new something in your life brings, it just can’t equate the value of that old-timer.

Thus, no matter how many new followers and readers I have, I just can’t stop thinking of my good old timers. I’ve been looking out for them and while a very few had come out of their recently-adorned ghost-mode, there are still so many I know not if they are ghost-moding or simply off-grid.

I am sending a holla to all my old commenters and in no particular order to — Toyenlon, Firstlady Temidayo, Jvsh, Bola, Faith, Harbbeygold, Toykathy, Doughyeen, Shalom, Lade, Doyinsola, Toyosi, Goodness, Cleo, Tholuwani, Omotoso Folake, Topazo, Yeyeade, Anita, Uche Mbonu, Judith, Nee, Boluwatife, Taymeah, Temmy, Mystiq18, Profeme, Eunie, Morayodequeen, Aramide and others.

Now, my apologies if I didn’t list your name. Nothing personal… just that it must have been eons since you last commented and WordPress just can’t bring it up no more. Dang!

Hey people above, first off holla at your lady here. Let her know that you are still with us on Planet Human and let her BP settle to normal reading *wink*

Thereafter, can you please explain to me why you guys gotta treat me like that? *angry bird face*

Now I know that some of you are playing reader-emotional blackmail game with me *side eyes @ Yeyeade* and I know some of you backed-off out of a silent self-righteous disapproval of a perceived stand in one of my blovels *I’m not ever saying sorry for that, EVER… I got a right to freedom of belief and expression* But we ought to have a relationship here and that relationship is what I am looking to re-ignite.

So this is me lovingly re-inviting you, my special old-timers, to reappear and be, once again, a part of this blog. I am not begging, mind ya *don’t go having big heads now… *rolls eyes* I am simply inviting y’all back here.

I miss you guys and I wanna feel your love again, cos y’all are my   super oldies




Did I notice a drop in feedback level already??? *side eyes @ y’all*

*Don’t touch the cobra’s tail now* Adios amigos.


25 thoughts on “Holla @ my old Timers

  1. Wow, TM would be a superb instructor if she works in a correctional facility, she’ll draw you close with one arm while rebuking you with the other, you have no other choice than to fall in love with her.

    • Lol. Winnie if by correctional facility you mean a prisons, those scare me shitless. But thanks for the compliment.

      But honestly, I’m now even worried since I haven’t seen them yet. Hope my good peeps are okay.

      You continue to have a great week, Winnie

  2. *covers face*. I’m so guilty of switching to the silent observer but I’m apologising and out for good to be commenting everytime now. Please do forgive and have me back. *smiles*. Always enjoying your works even when I didn’t comment. More grace sis.

  3. So nice of you to ask after me. I’ve been away for a while…somehow busy with baby, work and others. Just came on today and ive been trying to catch up & even commented in arrears….lol. You know i always try to comment. Keep on the good work dear, God is your strength. Lest i forget, u offended me o, u didn’t greet me on birthday..may 18 even though u asked via a post that day & u commented on everybody’s comment except mine…did i offend you? Just joking i know u mist have

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