Soul Train 9

Today on Soul Train we’re going to be listening (e-listening *wink*) to Bob Gass. He is an American-based Christian Pastor, a broadcaster and an author of several books. He is also the writer of the daily devotional, The Word For Today.

Which is exactly where we are going to getting today’s Soul Train, from the volume II of his book, The Best of the Word for Today.

If you’ve ever picked up a devotional from Intercontinental back (at least sometime around 2008 – 2011, not sure about now) then it was likely The Word for Today compiled by Bob Gass.

So, we are going to hear his teaching on Budgets and Boundaries. Hope like I did, you’ll learn something…


Relationships work best when you enter them “head first,” not “heart-first.” Establish boundaries and a budget upfront. Where does this person belong? How much am I prepared to invest in them? Life’s too short to be spent straightening out misunderstandings, hurt feelings and damaged egos.

Become wise by walking with the wise; hang out with fools and watch your life fall to pieces. (Proverbs 13:20 TM).

Avoid relationships that drain you and leave you wondering, “How’d I get into this?” When keeping somebody happy means short-changing the purpose of God in your own life, you’ve overdrawn the budget. You’ve no right to complain about what you permit!

When somebody needs too many phone calls, dinners, favours, loans, or other forms of attention, it’s time to draw the line. You’ve only so much time and energy.

Good stewardship demands that you invest your life where there’s the greatest return. When people who are too needy demand more than you’ve the ability or right to give, you must do one of two things—

  1. Bankrupting yourself to make someone feel great sounds noble, but it’s not. Bankrupt people end up with everything from nervous breakdowns to extra-marital affairs, because they’re overspent.
  2. If that doesn’t work—walk away! Paul said, “My life is worth nothing, unless I use it for doing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus.” (Acts 20: 24 NLT). Let no one stand in the way of your doing what god has called you do!


I must confess that this is what I love about Bob Gass’ daily devotional, it gets right to you. It talks about life and living. It doesn’t just talk about Christian living like it’s something apart from our everyday life, it makes it a part of our wake-up, say-a-little-prayer, do-some-chores, get-to-work/school and get-back-home everyday existence. I simply love that!

Most of us go into relationships—be they, friendships or romantic relationships—with our heart first. We literally just jump in. We don’t take a step back and wonder, do I need this person? Where will this relationship take me? What will it take from me? Am I prepared to make such sacrifices?

We never ask. We jump in and more than half the time, we find ourselves wanting to jump right out. But this can be avoidable, that is Bob Gass’ teaching.

Being a Christian, wanting to love your neighbour as yourself doesn’t mean draining yourself. It doesn’t mean emptying yourself and lacking even the will to go on. Even in marriage, your partner is not meant to lean on you and keep taking from you until they literally leave your empty.

Many don’t know that until the vows have already been taken but I feel it’s never too late to set budgets and boundaries. If you didn’t begin with a defined and clarified this-is-how-much-I-can-give and this-is-how-far-I-can-go, well, it’s time to sit that person in your life (those people) and let them know you are not going to keep being the giver without getting something back.

Whether we acknowledge it or not, we are primarily here on Mother Earth to know God, love God and serve God, in all that we say, think and do. It’s a lifestyle and someone shouldn’t be robbing you off your strength to keep going.

I hope we really benefited from this… I surely did. Remember you can take the stage anytime at all. Just reach me on and I’ll humbly step down.

Y’all have a blessed week ahead.


8 thoughts on “Soul rain – BUDGETS AND BOUNDARIES

  1. TM, i love dis postbecause it’s totally relatable, i’m going something similar and i thank God because i was able to walk away. Thank u TM. And about people stealing your content, i think you should see a lawyer. God bless you

    • Thank you for appreciating the post, Jumes. It’s what I love about Bob Gass, you can relate to his teachings. And about the theft, I surely will contact a lawyer. Thanks

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