Soul Train – My Shepherd.

Soul Train 10

I thought I wouldn’t be here today. Then I looked upon a shelf and saw this collection of new recharge cards and realised that God has already taken care of my need without my knowing it. Then it hit me — The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. (Psalm 23: 1). I remembered that I have a God who prepares a table before me and fills up my cup to overflowing. And remembering, I felt a sense of peace.

Many times we are so overwhelmed with all that is going on in our lives, we forget that simple truth. That he is our Shepherd, our Provider and that He will always take care of us and our needs.



Have a blessed week ahead, everyone.


8 thoughts on “Soul Train – My Shepherd.

  1. ‘And my God shall supply all my needs according as His riches in glory, through Christ Jesus’…cor4:19.
    Thanks ma’am TM, those words are meant for me! And happy Sunday!

  2. Always our Shepherd. i read Malachi 3:6 daily cos there He our God reminds us dt He does not change, therefore we cannot be consumed.
    A glorious week to everybody.

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