Where is – For Better, For Worse???


Over the last few months, many of you have been asking me what is happening with For Better, For Worse and I have been coming up with different answers to give—none of them false, of course.

But after the recent questions, I thought I should give a formal explanation, to one and all.

For Better, For Worse is ready. It is. That is God’s own truth. If I wanted, right at this moment, I would have it uploaded on Okadabooks or Lulu or even Amazon (if I knew how to).

But that there is the clause—‘if I wanted’.

I wrote my first story twenty-five years ago. And whenever I dared dreamed of being a published writer, I only dreamed of traditional publishing. Of course, there was no online presence at the time and so, no indie-publishers. And for a long, long times, I could only think of publishing my books via the traditional send-maunuscript-to-publishing-house-and-sign-a-publishing-contract way of publishing.

But I soon found out that it doesn’t quite work that way for many writers these days—for many unknown writers. And I found that the less painful way to get your works out there and to make a living via your writing is through Self-Publishing.

I’ve come to accept that that is what I’ll do—self-publish my books. But, I have now a dream on how I want to sell my own Ebooks. I want to sell my own Ebooks… that is it.

I surely will publish with E-Publishers like Okadabooks, Lulu, Amazon and a host of others, but I want a place, that is my own, where sales of my books begin from. And yes, I am taking this decision for solely financial reasons.

Since there are no traditional publishers to bear the cost of publishing with/for me and I am solely going to bear that burden alone, it is imperative as far as I’m concerned, that I make the most I can from this situation.

I realise the publicity and the wide berth these E-Publishers stores will provide—which is why I’ll use them. But I also realise that I desire a certain amount of control over my business, in this case, my writing business. And with the realisation that I’ll be doing most of my marketing anyway, it seems to me that I’ll do well to work towards my overall, long-term goal not just the immediate goal to begin sales of my Ebooks.

Thus, with this understanding in mind, I’ve chosen to further delay the publishing of For Better, For Worse and other Ebooks which are in the pipeline until my E-store is ready and set up.

I want to sincerely thank all of you for your interest in my works and particularly in that story. I promise that when you finally get a hold of it, you will not be sorry you waited for it.

As always, I crave your understanding and hope for your continued support.

I would like to add that what I have decided was a carefully thought out decision and so, it’s not really one up for debate. I will of course welcome opinions, but that might be all they’ll be, opinions.

Thank you all for your patience and interest in this matter. God bless.




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