The Village Girl… by Daniel Nkado




“Let’s go back, Richard,” Vanessa said. “The girl has obviously gone.”

“Let’s check at the Akasson’s too as the guy said.”

“She probably would have used any of the bigger names.

“Oh well, we wouldn’t know for sure, would we?” Richard’s eyes didn’t leave the road.

They passed a small crowd of noisy people and Richard slowed the car.

“Now what?”

“What’s going on there?”

Vanessa rolled her eyes. “How would I know?”

Richard stopped the car and pulled the shifter to R. The car started to reverse.

“Now what?”

“Let me check out what’s happening there.”

Vanessa let out a small groan of impatience.

Richard parked and stepped down.

Vanessa reluctantly joined him.

A large fair lady held a younger lady in a long flowing dress by the neck. Most of the people gathered round were asking what the matter was, some pleading to the woman to leave the girl or at least tell them what the problem was.

Finally the woman released the young girl. Her forehead was reddened in fury, beads of sweat steadily condensing on the surface.

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