The Marriage Ultimatum


TM David-West



Kaine still wasn’t sure she’d heard correctly. “You are… pregnant?” She stared at Anwuli uncomprehendingly.

Anwuli blinked, swiped off the tears with her knuckle and nodded. “Yes, I am pregnant, Kaine. I am having a baby.” She added as if it make it clearer.

Kaine blew out a breath. She continued to stare at Anwuli. She didn’t know what to think—what to say. What was the right thing to say in these situations? How did it happen? She needn’t ask that. She knew how babies were made. Was the right question who—who was responsible for the pregnancy?

“Don’t judge me, Kaine.” Anwuli murmured, her voice piteous. “I know we were supposed to wait until we were married. It was how mummy counselled us. And I really wanted to. He was my first. My only.” The tears started to come again.

Overwhelmed with compassion, Kaine rose and went around the table to wrap a hand about her. “Of course, I’m not judging you, Anwi. How could you think that? You’re my sister and I love you and will stand by you no matter what.”

Anwuli nodded, held onto her hand. “We met two days after our arrival in Johannesburg.” She started to explain. “Some of the cast and crew had decided to go to a bar and nightclub not from where our hotel and they cajoled me to join them. Whilst many of them danced or mingled with others patrons there, I simply sat in my corner enjoying my drink. He came over to where I was sitting and starting chatting with me. Kaine, I swear he was the most handsome man I ever saw in my life. He was of mixed parentage and had this rolling accent… I was just blown away.”

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The Marriage Ultimatum

EPISODES: Two. Three. Four.

I am so, so sorry I’ve been absent… again! These are hectic times for me so please bear with me. Ego and Favouriteshades, pardon my forgetting your birthdays please. Today’s chapter of our new story, The Marriage Ultimatum is dedicated to both of you. And the story in its entirety dedicated to all of you, dear reader, and especially to all who take the time to always leave a word. God bless you all.

TM David-West



As the last of the distant relatives and not-quite-close friends mourners drifted out of the house and through the gates, Kaine breathed more easily.

She didn’t really feel relief—or comfort. She was too aggrieved, too sad, too empty to feel relief. She just felt exhausted and wanted, needed to be alone again. It had been one horrible week. One week that has changed her life forever. One minute she’d been a simple, not overly ambitious young lady of just twenty—well, not even twenty as her birthday was next month. But she’d been young and content and full of dreams and had a father. She’d had her father.

And now, he was gone.

Gone in an accident that had been sudden and fatal. An inebriated truck driver who’d also died had crashed into her father’s car as he made his way back home from the office. That was how the Police had put it, along with other details Kaine didn’t have use of. The only worthy information was that her father was gone; taken from her by a cruel stroke of fate.

Kaine rose from the rather worn couch and trudged to the light switch to turn it off. It was early yet, just barely six-thirty and she knew the night was still too young to go to bed but she needed rest—yet, she knew she wouldn’t get any. But a lie down would do her good. She should have some of the rice Aunty Colette had brought along.

She wasn’t really her aunt; just a distant cousin of her father’s.

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Your Opinion


So, I’m caught between using a Nigerian (Naira) Payment Processor or a foreign ($ Dollar) Processor for my Estore. I was going to go for one of these Nigerian Payment gateways, then I tried it, for the very first time yesterday and discovered they have more processes than the foreign Payment Gateways I’ve used in the past.

Now, I’m confused whether to go ahead with them.

I am asking your opinion. Are you comfortable making payment in dollars or are you one of those who believe you get charged more if you have to pay in dollar or any other foreign currency?

Please let me hear from you guys.

Thank you.

A Kiss

Hiya people. So sorry I haven’t been around. I’ve been so, so, so busy. Still busy but not as busy. Today is Horllybee’s birthday and the 5th was TeeWhy’s birthday (Tee, so sorry I wasn’t here to wish you a happy birthday). I wrote this short story for Teewhy and Horllybee (That’s why we have Horatio and Tyra, lol). It’s my birthday wish to you guys. Happy birthday, Tee and Horlly and many more happy returns. Cheers.


“What did I do? Why are you arresting me?” The young man protested as he was pushed into the back of the Pick-up van by the uniformed Police officers.

“Shattap and get inside! “Yahoo boys everywhere… carry laptop dey deceive mumu oyibo people.” One of them bellowed, hitting him with the baton in his hand.

A violent curse followed the assault and further protestations was drowned as the double doors were forcefully shut. Inspector Edobor watched the goings-on with bored, dispassionate eyes. He didn’t care how the job got done so long as it was done. Even more, he didn’t care about protestations of innocence or infringement of a citizen’s rights so long as he got the delinquents off the street and fattened his bank balance by their bail bonds.

And they have five unfortunate scapegoats this morning, so he considered it a job well-done. “Let’s go!” He ordered, tossing out spittle on the sidewalk as he got into the van.

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