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So, I’m caught between using a Nigerian (Naira) Payment Processor or a foreign ($ Dollar) Processor for my Estore. I was going to go for one of these Nigerian Payment gateways, then I tried it, for the very first time yesterday and discovered they have more processes than the foreign Payment Gateways I’ve used in the past.

Now, I’m confused whether to go ahead with them.

I am asking your opinion. Are you comfortable making payment in dollars or are you one of those who believe you get charged more if you have to pay in dollar or any other foreign currency?

Please let me hear from you guys.

Thank you.


14 thoughts on “Your Opinion

  1. If you plan on using dollar gateway, just consider the possibility that you might be stuck if you want to make cash USD withdrawals. CBN rules are funny these days so you might want to check that out as you decide. Besides you are in Naija so better to denominate your stuff in naira. What I don’t know though is how that will affect your international clients.

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