I crawled out of sleep, disoriented.

Where was I?

I blinked my bleary eyes and tried to focus.

I was on the floor. Inside my living room. A couple of inches from the door.

How had I gotten inside?

Who’d driven me home?

The last thought I have was Tega feeling me up on the dance floor. And it hadn’t even been a dance floor. Just us circling by the overcrowded bar.

Had he brought me home?

But he didn’t own a car.

A cab. He must have rented a cab.

How had he gotten my keys?

From my purse.

I scanned for my purse. Found it sprawled by my left foot. The key ring was lying beside it.

Since my clothes were still intact, I guessed he didn’t try anything. Anything that involved taking off my clothes, at least.

I inhaled, heaved off the floor and staggered in the direction of the bedroom.

I needed to bathe and get ready for work. The paycheck, after all, will take care of tonight’s clubbing.


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