I am TM. (A combination of my initial and my hub’s). I am a writer, a blogger, a wife, soon-to-be-mother and a great lover of food, great novels, Romance novels, comedy/Romantic movies and serve-it-like-it’s-hot gossip. Lol. I also love God… though I fail Him again and again *weak me*

I started this blog with a view to talk about life and life events in a fun, easy-going manner. Well, it has gone beyond that now. Actually it’s been less of life’s issues and more of stories in the last one year.

I love writing. I have been writing a really long, long… LONG while. lol. And I do so enjoy it. But sometimes, even while we do what we love, we need to know it is being appreciated by those who share in them. That is why your comments are highly solicited for and very much welcomed.

Also note all write-ups at Alifediary is Tm David-West’s copyright work (unless otherwise stated)… so, don’t just go side-clicking and yanking stuff out of here and to unknown destinations without prior permission.


But you can share any story or article you love by:

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*You may not, except with our express written permission, distribute or commercially exploit the content. Nor may you transmit it or store it in any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system.*


Okay, warning done, lol. Hope you do enjoy every visit here… cheers.


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13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello TusMich,

    Pleasure to meet you on Naija Stories, and to be following you on here now too.
    You are such a richly blessed and truly humble woman, and I’m proud to be following you.
    Its such an honor and priviledge to be sharing your amazing works on my page too.


    (Owner of Let’s Talk About Relationships with Kemmystry Facebook page)

  2. Hello Tusmich,
    Its a great pleasure to meet a talented and prolific writer like you…..I came across your work titled “TAKE ME AS I AM” on nairaland and i don’t have any other choice than to follow you up to your blog….more power to your elbow ma.
    To keep my finger crossed, i am a grass root writer as well, i loves writing and blogging, but its a pity that i don’t have anybody to put me through in that regards.
    Am the owner of the blog http://mayowajagbe.wordpress.com/ where i display my writing skills to the best of my own.
    I will be very glad if you can put me through on many things concerning writing and blogging ma, so that my dream of becoming a competent writer and in the next few years can become a reality.
    Thanks for ur anticipated cooperation.
    I will be very glad to hear from you as soon as possible.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Ajagbe Mayowa. S.
    400 Biochemistry student,
    Owner: http://mayowajagbe.wordpress.com/
    tel: 08135492460.
    Email- olutycious23@gmail.com

  3. Hey ma’am spicey! I hear its ur bday! Sent u a mail but in case u didn’t get it, here is to wish u a happy happy bday. Lng lyf with good health n prosperity!

  4. Holy Smokes; all d times ive been here i thought u were a guy. I’ve fallen deeper for alifedairy knowing its beautiful hardwork is done by a female. A wife at that.
    I admire your work greatly, i wish i am this creative in writting so that i too can stand a chance of sharing a fiction or two if only science had not eaten up my brain.
    love ur work please keep up d good work.
    God bless

    • Lol, you thought I was a guy with all my ‘drama’? Lwkm. Well, love the surprise *wink*. And now I know who to talk to if I need Scientific info for my writing. Many thanks, Sylvia

  5. Mmmmmmm, u didn’t tell me anything about u I didn’t already deduce from reading ” unfulfilled dreams”. Nice try though and not to worry u are still my best girl.

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