Midnight Dance

MIDNIGHT DANCE (design cover) (1)



SHE had lost another job.

This should not keep happening to her, not with a name like Prudence. Prue sighed, tucked out the limp pillow from underneath her bum and stared about the only room of her one bedroom apartment before she tossed the pillow to the other end of the bed.

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Body on my Doorstep



THE jarring noise punctured my eardrums, pierced into my subconscious and destroyed my lavish sleep and picturesque dream.

Damn! I hated alarm clocks.

I flung out my hand and slapped quiet the one blaring on my bedside table. Then muttered a curse against it—damned inopportune object!

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CoMing SoOn

too little,too late 3

Sometimes fear slays courage. Sometimes doubt drowns instinct. Sometimes when courage and instinct finally trounce, it is too LATE.

Too Little, Too LATE… coming 9 June, 2015.


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Too Little, Too LATE CS


The new weekend thriller

I did promise that the new weekend thriller would begin today, unfortunately I must apologize because the new series is not yet ready for posting.

Who Killed Dana Bala? will take off next week Friday, 20 June.

I invite you all to please join me then and once again apologize for failing to keep my promise this weekend.

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a new love story


In the commercial city of Lagos where the population is estimated at over 21 million people, a little boy has only one wish…

A father has only one desire…

A teacher has only one passion…


A Little boy – who is absolutely bright, enchantingly adorable and enthusiastically smart… and he has only one wish….

Daddy, do you think you’ll marry again?… it will be nice to have a mummy.”

A Hero a widower with only one desire…

“My only desire now is to properly bring up the kids Elo left in my care.”

A Heroinea teacher with just one passion…

“I’ve got only one passion and that is to teach little children and help them grow.”

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