Business Sense


Carrying on a trade is a serious business. Ask any businessman. But to conduct a successful business, one has to follow certain time-tested principles. These principles can be adopted into our lives as well.

Tackle the hardest job first. Welcome criticism. Be enthusiastic. Be fair. Be confident. Plan, prepare, pray and then work hard.

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Battling Boredom


We have probably never had as many ways of engaging and entertaining ourselves as we do now. Yet so many are still so “lonely in the crowd”.

Billy Graham, the well-known Preacher, had once put it this way: “People have become so empty that they can’t even entertain themselves.”

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living life the better way – BEFRIEND BOOKS

befriend books

Read books — good books, that is.

Books have an unusual power of challenging us. The ideas expressed in books become seeds in the fertile soil of our minds. Books not only challenge us, they stimulate us when we are discouraged, enetertain us when we are bored, uplift us when we are down.

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I used the above photo simply because I found it funny. And the title is because I want us putting our internal think-tanks to work *wink*.

If God says His Presence shall give us rest, I wonder what our own presence should bring into the lives of those around us. Do you ever stop and think, “how much value am I putting into their lives? How much difference am I making?

And I also think that when our presence in someone’s life is not appreciated, then maybe we should take a walk… or are they the ones to take the walk?

I unearthed these pictorial words from Google Images to help us along thought-wise… enjoy

Tinktank1  TinkTank2

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