Soul Train – My Shepherd.

Soul Train 10

I thought I wouldn’t be here today. Then I looked upon a shelf and saw this collection of new recharge cards and realised that God has already taken care of my need without my knowing it. Then it hit me — The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. (Psalm 23: 1). I remembered that I have a God who prepares a table before me and fills up my cup to overflowing. And remembering, I felt a sense of peace.

Many times we are so overwhelmed with all that is going on in our lives, we forget that simple truth. That he is our Shepherd, our Provider and that He will always take care of us and our needs.



Have a blessed week ahead, everyone.



Soul Train 9

Today on Soul Train we’re going to be listening (e-listening *wink*) to Bob Gass. He is an American-based Christian Pastor, a broadcaster and an author of several books. He is also the writer of the daily devotional, The Word For Today.

Which is exactly where we are going to getting today’s Soul Train, from the volume II of his book, The Best of the Word for Today.

If you’ve ever picked up a devotional from Intercontinental back (at least sometime around 2008 – 2011, not sure about now) then it was likely The Word for Today compiled by Bob Gass.

So, we are going to hear his teaching on Budgets and Boundaries. Hope like I did, you’ll learn something…


Relationships work best when you enter them “head first,” not “heart-first.” Establish boundaries and a budget upfront. Where does this person belong? How much am I prepared to invest in them? Life’s too short to be spent straightening out misunderstandings, hurt feelings and damaged egos.

Become wise by walking with the wise; hang out with fools and watch your life fall to pieces. (Proverbs 13:20 TM).

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Soul Train 8

For this Sunday’s soul train I was thinking of a different topic until I saw the news on CNN about the Charleston Massacre where twenty-one year old Dylann Roof shot dead nine people during a Bible study programme at a church in Charleston, South Caroline, USA.

As I sat beside my husband watching his bond hearing that Friday I became engulfed with an unspeakable fury. The fury was more poignant than the pain I was feeling for the victims’ families. I stared at his expressionless, remorseless face and I hated him.

Yes, I hated him and I felt my hate was justified even when his was not.

Moments later, representatives of the victims’ families (most of them close members of the victims) started to speak and I was struck dumb by their willingness to forgive. I did not feel shame at my unforgiving, judgmental heart but I felt humbled by these people’s—the real victims—willingness to allow God show them the route to forgiveness.

When the bond hearing ended, I stepped out and I continued to think on the matter. Not on what that young man had done—I still couldn’t bear to think leniently of him. I focused instead on what these heartbroken, mourning people had said. Then I realised, as I pondered, that forgiveness is a grace. A grace only God can give.

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Soul Train

Let me begin by being completely honest—I am not the ‘Preacher’ kind. And I don’t use ‘preacher’ in a derogatory manner, I am just stating a fact—I am the I-am-a-Christian-and-I-mind-my-business-just-being-that kind of Christian. But Jesus did say, ‘go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation’ (Mark 16:15 ESV).

Now isn’t that the scariest order you ever got? It surely is for me. I hear it and I am scared shitless *sorry, Lord, for the swear word, just being me*.

But the fact is that being a Christian and preaching God’s word isn’t some kind of heavy-duty thing some heavy-duty Christians make it out to be. It is a lifestyle, a heart-style and a soul-style. It is simply how you live every day being guided by the fact that the only permanent thing in you is your SOUL.

Which brings me to why I chose this to be titled, SOUL TRAIN.

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