House on the Hill

MOYO TRAMPED DOWN the dusty sidewalk of the two-lane highway. The evening sky was cool but blaring honks from sweeping past cars and motorcycles, added to the loud noises from people milling the surrounding streets and in nearby houses, made the atmosphere feel hot—and exhausting.

She was tired.

Weary would be a better word, she thought absently, raising a hand to rub the back of her neck. Her feet ached inside the black flat ballet-like pumps. She wished she could slip them out and just massage them. Better than that, she wished she could flag down a bike, climb on top and have herself driven home like royalty.



What’s New?


If you stopover here and don’t see nothing happening, don’t panic! Don’t loose your patience! Keep it together! We are still blogging, we are still writing — we only got a new home.

Find me, and the rest of us, on Life and and get with the new game. Yay!

But you want a tip of that iceberg going on there? Alrighty, here is the tip…

We just rounded up (well, not just since that was months back *wink*) House on the Hill  House on the Hill (cvre).

Right now we are reading Key to My Heart  KEY TO MY HEART CVR.

And we also have a bunch of eBooks published right there on the LS eStore or on Okadabooks:

Unconventional Proposal  NEW UP3 .

Match Made in Heaven  Match Made In Heaven (1) .

Waiting For Love  Waiting For Love (1) .

Tall Glass of Red Wine  Tall Glass Of Red Wine CVR (1) and also:

Never Let You Go  Never Let You Go (2)

For Better, For Worse  For Better, For worse CVR ^ (4) .

So don’t linger here and miss out on all the fun, join us on Life and and share the fun *wink*



Hey, anyone still visiting this old homeland?

Just dropped in to holla at ya and invite ya over to our new home-base. Right @

Let’s meet there…

My sincerest Apologies, guys


My darling peeps,

I am so, so sorry I wasn’t here Wednesday and Friday. I planned to, I swear… on my honour, lol. I’m fighting with the Power peeps and they are winning this round… jerks! And upon that, on Thursday my laptop decided to show ‘im self’ too and stopped recognising any form of network – 3G, wifi andeven via bluetooth. The thing just tire me.

But I’m a technical professor na, lol, and so, I nagged and huffed and puffed and cussed and tried again and again and did technically recommended and un-recommended things and just five minutes ago, I won the battle… YAY! Which is why I can make this apology post *grin*

Anyhoo, I’m back to writing and tomorrow we’ll hear from Keziah. Come Monday, we’ll see what’s the four-one-one with Kaine and Dominic.

Thanks for always loving me, peeps, and being so helluva patient.

Hey, moving is almost, almost here. I see it happening the 19th, by the grace of God who makes all things good.

Have a great weekend y’all…. and starting saving ’em small change for me little books *wink*