Wisdom nugget – 55


It is a mistaken idea that greatness and great success mean the same thing.



*What are your thoughts on this? What do you think it means?*


Wisdom nugget – 52


Take the first step in faith.

You don’t have to see the whole staircase —

just take the first step.

(Martin Luther King, Jr.)


Moral — You don’t always have to look before you leap… when you leap in faith.

**Hmm, haven’t seen exceptionalstar or Topazo for a long while now… where you guys at? *side eyes* Star girley, I know I haven’t delivered, plan to next Friday, promise *wink*. Y’all, I think I might be needing two weeks extra to be added to my April 30 return-to-normal-blog-schedule deadline… this writing thingy not easy at all *teary eyes* Lol. Y’all have a great weekend and watch out for our Calvin & Cate tomorrow. Cheers**


Exceptionalstar, you are Queenxstar from NL, right?

Wisdom nugget – 50

I dedicate this fiftieth wisdom nugget to all my blog visitors and readers, may you fly into greatness.


You can’t try your wings if

you are sitting on the nest.


Moral — you have to leave your comfort zone if you are to soar and succeed.


*Happy Sunday, y’all and a blessed week ahead.*