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The Marriage Ultimatum


TM David-West



Kaine felt like she was a helpless spectator watching a poorly written screenplay. They were at the Registry and waiting for their turn to take their vows. It seemed so surreal that she should be at a Registry waiting to exchange marriage vows with a man she’d met just two days ago.

She’d spent the entire night asking herself—and God—if she really knew what she was doing? There had been no answer, none that was satisfying. None that made her feel more at peace with what she was about to do.

She’d begged God for a miracle that Dominic would call her and say he’d had a rethink and there was no need for them to marry. She’d prayed that, by some divinely prompted miracle, Anwuli would return and stop her from entering into this covenant that already felt like a noose around her neck.

But her prayers—desperate as they were—hadn’t been answered. When morning came, she’d had to face the fact that there was no choice, none other that made sense to her except to marry Dominic Kojo-Edwards and to continue to pretend that she was her sister and the mother of her sister’s son.

She’d wanted to wear black for the ceremony. It had, after all, felt like her life was over and she was going to her own funeral. But Juliet had vehemently protested and had dug out her box-pleated, just-below-the-knees, high-neckline rose-pink dress. It was the best dress in her wardrobe and ironically, it had been a last-Christmas gift from Anwuli. As were the three-inch heeled sandals Juliet had forced on her feet.

She felt ridiculous standing at the halls of a seemingly ordinary public office wearing a girlish dress and having a rose-shaped clip fastened to her hair. The clip, like the silver choker and tiny studs on her ears were gifts from Juliet. She’d given them to her that morning and had brushed aside her protests with a jocular—it’s my big sister’s right.

It had almost made her weep, hearing her say that. Anwuli had always been her big sister, even though there was just a year’s difference between them. She had looked up to her, admired her—wished she’d had her single-minded drive, her fearlessness to pursue whatever she wanted.

She’d always thought that when she finally met the man God had designed for her, the man of her dreams, and was marrying him, that it would be Anwuli standing next to her as her chief bridesmaid.

But that was not to be. She was getting married—to keep Anwuli’s baby with her—and her sister was faraway, God knows where, searching for a man who was dead.

What an irony!

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My sincerest Apologies, guys


My darling peeps,

I am so, so sorry I wasn’t here Wednesday and Friday. I planned to, I swear… on my honour, lol. I’m fighting with the Power peeps and they are winning this round… jerks! And upon that, on Thursday my laptop decided to show ‘im self’ too and stopped recognising any form of network – 3G, wifi andeven via bluetooth. The thing just tire me.

But I’m a technical professor na, lol, and so, I nagged and huffed and puffed and cussed and tried again and again and did technically recommended and un-recommended things and just five minutes ago, I won the battle… YAY! Which is why I can make this apology post *grin*

Anyhoo, I’m back to writing and tomorrow we’ll hear from Keziah. Come Monday, we’ll see what’s the four-one-one with Kaine and Dominic.

Thanks for always loving me, peeps, and being so helluva patient.

Hey, moving is almost, almost here. I see it happening the 19th, by the grace of God who makes all things good.

Have a great weekend y’all…. and starting saving ’em small change for me little books *wink*

The Marriage Ultimatum


TM David-West


“I don’t know what I’m going to do!” Kaine wailed, distraught as she stared at Juliet and her husband, Udo. “My God, what can I do? What am I going to do? He says it’s either I marry him or he and his family take me to court to get custody of Baby Tobi. And then he threatened me with how wealthy and ruthless his family is. He was so pompous, so insolent, so annoying and so… so pompous!” She felt enraged as she recalled the man that had at first sight dazzled her with his great looks and then ended up infuriating her with his sheer arrogance.

“You said pompous twice.” Juliet pointed out with a smile, trying to ease the tension.

“That is because he has too much of that quality swimming inside his big head!” Kaine snapped, springing up to her feet and clasping her hands firmly together because she felt tempted to grab something and just throw it.

She could feel the anger vibrating through her. She should be home. It was almost eight pm and she and Baby Tobi should be home and preparing for bed. But she’d come here straight after the… the pompous ass had left because she’d been desperate to confide in someone and she’d known that unless she found a solution she wouldn’t get any sleep.

And the infuriating man had said he’d be back tomorrow morning for his answer.

“He said his family never loses. And I don’t doubt that they’d win if we go to court… my God, this is Nigeria and even if they are not Nigerians, they are wealthy and I am sure they have connections here and they’d know how to influence lawyers, judges… darn it, they’d know how to make people… everyone dance to their tune!” Kaine threw up her hands and then pressed them to her mouth, groaning helplessly into them.

“Hey, calm down and sit.” Juliet walked over to take her by the shoulder and walked her back to the high-back sofa. She sat her down and joined her in it. “You have to be calm, so we can think things through. There’s got to be a solution.”

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