Trapped… by Greed

“I am trapped in a loveless marriage.”

“When I look at him, I hate him for being the man I have to spend the rest of my life with. When he touches me, I hate myself for giving my body to him.”

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Dilemma of a Single Mother

How would she tell him?

If he found out he might leave her; many have done so in the past.

Why was it such a crime to be a mother out of wedlock?

Why did the world judge her so cruelly, when they could commend her for keeping her child instead of killing her?

Even those guilty like her sneer because their guilt is hidden behind the lack of stigma their secret abortion had bought.

Why was it more honourable to be a baby killer than a baby mama?

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New eBook: Not Fairy-Tale

The last part of the Workplace Romance Trilogy under my pen name, Sophia Bernard, has been published, and you can get your copy from okadabooks, right HERE

This last part is the love story of Fejiro and Cheta, and here’s a blurb on it:


Fejiro believes in love, in romance, in Prince Charming saving the damsel in distress and in happily ever after. But when her romantic liaison with Kane ends in heartbreak and a pregnancy she doesn’t want, she realises that love is not always starry-eyed and life is not a fairy-tale.

But maybe where one door closes, Cupid shoots open another… at least, in the world of love.

On the other hand, Cheta is a man focussed on his goals, and love and romantic relationships have no place in his priority list at the moment. But when a friend, and colleague, needs help, his kind heart cannot not resist reaching out. So, he reaches out to Fejiro and becomes her shoulder to lean on.

Still, they say no good deed goes unpunished, right?

Cheta certainly thinks so when Fejiro winds up in love with him. Now, they both have to find out if her love is strong enough to win his heart, especially when he isn’t ready at all for the entangling business of love.

Not Fairy-Tale, the no.3 of the Workplace Romance Trilogy, love happens when it wants to, and it’s not always magic, or sane.


If you have not read the first two parts of the Trilogy, click on their titles to get your copy:

All Business

Definitely Sealed

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